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In addition to not being essential, decapitation is now just as possible for them as it is for anyone else

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Similar to other non-essentializing mods, this is based on the idea of adding a touch of realism to the game. No matter the dark Game-of-Thrones-esque motive that may be in play at a given time, this simply makes children not magically exempt from the same fate as anyone else that can be killed. The idea for the mod sparked from a time I wanted to make Babette suffer a worthy fate, being a deceiving vampire and such. She and Grelod the Most Unkind are the only ones getting executed in the images. Grelod has really poor aim ;) I love taking care of that old bag early on

The optional files has a variant where Babette will be protected instead of essential.  There are side effects if you end her so if you use that one, use best judgment of course if you decide her time has come to an end, or just want to do it on a save/reload. Default file is recommended

Child visual overhaul support:
Probably not happening. Would require editing other authors' assets which is something I don't do unless they ask and something tells me that isn't gonna happen ;)


Rustic Children : 
Gives children an improved appearance and uses no plugin

Violens : Enhances kill moves in general by increasing how often they can be used and has other options