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RaceMenu presets of the main characters from the visual novel The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

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Part 2 is done! Lucio, Muriel, and Portia have been added.

Put together for some friends over on Tumblr and Discord. Eventually planning to make these into a follower mod but until then I may as well share the presets I'm using.

(I'm not terribly great at making male faces, so please bear with me on that!)

You will need:
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Hale - Iridum Eyes

Recommended Mods:
Pride of Valhalla
Vitruvia - Skin Texture Overhaul for Males
KS Hairdos - Renewal Breast Weight Painted Hair (If you have HDT bazonkers)
Bandit Eyepatch

  • Asra is Breton based
  • Nadia is Redguard based
  • Julian is now Nord based
  • Muriel is Imperial based
  • Lucio is Nord based
  • Portia is Nord based
I've also included sculpt files if you don't want to stick with my headcanons.

Please don't make followers from my presets, I'm already planning on doing that myself!
Please don't use my presets as bases and post them online, personal use is fine.
Please contact me if you wish to upload these elsewhere.

This is definitely a work in progress, so any constructive criticism would be much appreciated!