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A dragonborn who stopped her journey and living the simple life near Solitude

Permissions and credits
Dragonborn Follower

Name : Fiona

Race : Nord

Voice : FemaleYoungEager

Body : COS body (CBBE with animated vagina, support for COS body user)

Inventory : Tsun armor, Dawnbreaker sword

Marriable : YES

Location : Fiona's house (see the image)

Combat Style : Sword, Shield, Shout

Fiona's Schedual

MONDAY - FRIDAY : cleaning : 08.00 am -10.00 am (Outside her house)
                   working  : 10.00 am -16.00 pm (Katla's Farm)
                        shopping : 16.00 pm -18.00 pm (Sulitude's Market)
                                      inn       : 18.00 pm -22.00 pm (The Winking Skeever, Solitude)
                   sleeping  : 23.00 pm -07.00 am (Fiona's House)

SATURDAY - SUNDAY : cleaning : 08.00 am -10.00 am (Outside her house)

                                     mill          : 10.00 am -13.00 pm (Solitude Sawmill)
                               training   : 16.00 pm -18.00 pm (Fiona's house)
                                                      praying      : 18.30 pm -20.30 pm (Magic tree, outside her house)
                               sleeping  : 23.00 pm -07.00 am (Fiona's House)

Summer's Schedual (her dog)

 EVERYDAY : sleeping   : 22.00 pm -08.00 am (Outside Fiona's house)
      wandering : 10.00 am -18.00 pm (Katla's Farm)

If she is invisible's because hdt issue
Download the 
invisible fix here

HDT Physics Extensions
XPMS Extended

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