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This is basically a Remake of my old Mod "unsichtbare Ruestung" for Morrowind, made in 2007:

Okay, Balmora (where I stashed that one) seems to be covered by vulcanic debris, so you have to craft your new armors yourself.
Useful for everybody who needs additional protection but for some reason isn't totally satisfied with for example the excellent BOUND DAEDRIC ARMOR (SSE) made by sagittarius22.
I really love that armor, but it's not totally fitting my actual sneaky character.
Besides that it has game engine related issues, like invisible eyes with vanilla eyemeshes (solved by tweaking my eyemeshes) and alpha-flickering (unsolvable up to date).
The last point was the reason to unbury my old Invisible Armor which is guaranteed flickerfree.

Even comes with barely visible groundmeshes. Sometimes hard to see, depending where you drop them.

You can get three versions:
1. Somewhat balanced, which requires Ectoplasm plus the regular materials and smithing-perks for crafting.
    Heavy Invisible Armor can also be crafted using unenchanted Daedric Armor, Light Invisible Armor using Dragonscale Armor.
    (May work with self-enchanted items too, but you'll loose the Enchantments. Therefore not recommendet.)
    Normal stats, normal wight, normal price.
2. Cheat, which gives your new character free sets of armor in Helgen Keep.
    May also be crafted using the obligatory Leatherstrips without any necessary perks.
    Normal stats, one tenth wight, worth just one gold (unenchanted).
3. Combination of those two.

Use only one, or the universe may implode!!

Ach ja, alle Versionen gibt es natuerlich auch auch auf deutsch.

Recommended Mods:
A matching set Fix, so you'll get your matching-set-bonus though you're possibly wearing more than 4 items of the same material.

Armor Rating Redux by DaJay42, or everything above 667 doesn't count.

One of those Followers-Wear-What-I-Want-Mods, if you want to use them on followers.
     Not sure if they'll equip them otherwise, because these armors DON'T use the regular slots.

Should be compatible with everithing that doesn't use the same Armor Slots.
55 Invisible Boots
56 Invisible Cuirass
(57 used by Bound Daedric Armor)
58 Invisible Gauntlets
59 Invisible Helmet
60 Invisible Shield

You can use it however you like.
Just used vanilla meshes for dabbling with Nifskope.
Taking pictures, uploading and writing this took the most time.
No rocket science and nothing anyone couldn't do him/herself.
Hey, it's just a game!

Bethesda    for the game(s).
Tesnexus    for hosting cool stuff.
Niftools Team    for Nifskope.
Sagittarius22    for inspiration to (re)make this.