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About this mod

Rebuilt and expanded, this romantic follower features over 1200 lines of dialogue, custom home, and mini quests.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish

Important installation note! You must completely uninstall any previous version of Kaidan and create a clean save before installing and playing this mod!

Special thanks to cdcooley! Update repairs many bugs reported, full changelog listed above.
You do not need to start a new game after updating.

The Kaidan Follower Mod has been rebuilt completely from the ground up, and boasts a huge range of new features to explore. He's written to be an immersive companion or lover for your Dragonborn, reactive to quests and choices. Advancing your relationship with him is not dependant on any quests, instead, you are encouraged to interact with him and see your bond develop over time.

For a comprehensive walkthrough of quests and mechanics, please see the ReadMe in the Docs tab.

Known Mod Incompatibilities:

  • Mods that add horses for followers (may interfere with Kiai - avoid purchasing her if you wish to continue using the mod)
  • Blackthorn Manor in Riften (uses same space as the Priestess' camp. Choose 'large wedding' if you wish to keep the house)
  • Follower tweaking mods (Kaidan uses his own follower framework, using commands from mods like AFT might break him)
  • Drinking Fountains of Skyrim (has been known to CTD outside Ivarstead, near Autumnwatch Lodge)

KAIDAN 2 now has an official Extended Edition

Starting Out:

On starting up you'll receive a quest prompting you to find Kaidan within the Abandoned Prison, and he can be made your follower once freed. (there is a vanilla bug with the Abandoned Prison that may lose track of followers when leaving, or place them across the river. This bug should be fixed with the Unofficial Skyrim patch, otherwise a fast travel, or waiting a moment on the road should fix the issue)

Kaidan's gear can be found in the Prisoner Belongings chest within the abandoned prison and is able to be upgraded.

Kaidan also has his own AI system and won't add to your follower count, however this may cause conflicts with follower mods. It's strongly suggested you create a save game before attempting to use functions on him such as Amazing Follower Tweaks, just in case you break his brain.

Keeping track of him is now easier than ever too; a single dialogue prompt will allow you to track him on the map, and early on you will receive a power to summon him to you in a relatively rp friendly manner.


Moving your relationship forward no longer depends on triggering conversations in different places, instead, more dialogue and more of Kaidan's story will be unlocked over time.

To trigger Kaidan's romantic dialogue, put on an amulet of Mara and talk to him. Once this initial conversation is complete you don't need to continue wearing the amulet; the romantic questline will continue. However, be mindful of your choices when interacting with him - it could alter the progression of your relationship!

If you do not want to trigger kaidan's romantic questline, it's as simple as not speaking to him while wearing an amulet of Mara. He'll remain an immersive companion for you, minus the flirting and marriage proposals.


Kaidan has custom hair, brows, and eyes, though no alterations have been made to his body. This is in order to make him compatible and fitting with the aesthetics of the player-chosen body mods, and not add any unexpected nudity to the game. If you're interested in a body mod, have a look at "Better Males" by Chris57 and FavoredSoul.


Voices by
Daniel Matthew Lemon (Twitter @danlemonuk or @dlemonvo)
Tanya S Bartlett (twitter @TanyasVoiceOver)

Custom Music by Hofei

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