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Replaces some broken NIFs in mods. As a result, CTDs and stability issues will hopefully be minimized.

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Mods, even the original files in Skyrim and its DLCs, include broken mesh files (most specifically NIF files) that could cause CTDs and some compatibility issues. This mod aims to fix these broken files and hopefully diminish all CTD as well as increase stability for a more enjoyable experience

It is recommended that Crash Fixes and ENBoost are both installed to further prevent crashing.

Mod List (Not Load Order)

I went through each mod installed in my load order to check which required healing. All the mods I have are CLEAN except for the ones mentioned below.

Click to see my mod list

Highly Recommended Mods To Run with Corrupted NIFs Patches - CNP

Game Files/Mods Repaired

  • Skyrim
  • Dawnguard
  • Dragonborn


- Skyrim 1.9.32 (LATEST)

...Mod and DLC files are all optional, but you require the mod you want to fix. For example, if you want to repair Immersive Armors, you will obviously need Immersive Armors Installed, and so on.


There should be no compatibility issues, but if you get any, be sure to report them immediately so they can be repaired.

If you want to manually fix your own files, remember to delete 0kb files as they will cause more problems than intended.


- This mod comes with a FOMOD installer.
- I will not provide support for manual installations.
- Make a backup before installing this mod (better yet, use ModOrganizer)
- Do not  come complaining that your save game blew up and demons came out and possessed you by installing this mod
- Read everything before you ask, please!

1. Download mod using a mod manager (Try ModOrganizer)
2. Install with scripted FOMOD (Be sure you have the proper mods)
3. Activate (if it does not show the lightning bolt icon, disable it and reactivate it again)
4. Done! Be sure that this mod is OVERWRITING and NOT BEING OVERWRITTEN (If you use MO, it should show a lightning bolt with a "+" symbol. If it shows a lightning bolt with a "-" symbol, then the mod is not going to function as intended)


The mod does not use scripts or ESPs, therefore, it should be 99.9% safe to uninstall but I do not provide support for it and I am not responsible if anything in your save file breaks. BACKUP!

1. Remove mod from MO
2. Open Skyrim
3. Save the game
4. Done!

You can try to use Save Game Script Cleaner to remove any redundant leftovers, but I doubt anything will be removed from it with this mod.


1. Download and install new updated version
2. Install newer version over the old version and OVERWRITE, DO NOT MERGE
3. Done!


- Include many other plugins. As of right now, I do not have any plugins to include onto this project. If you suspect anything, be sure to report them so I can include the fix here


Mesh Tool N7 - Helped clean the files
BSAExtractor - Extracted corrupted meshes from game BSAs