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Player home on the outskirts of whiterun. Fully Nav-meshed and companion friendly :)

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UPDATE!! Version 1.1 Is Now Available. (see changelog)

Ever thought Whitewatch tower was a little weak for a border station? Well think no more!

Like Whiterun as much as I do? try this:

- Adds a camp to whitewatch tower.
- Adds a quartermaster to whitewatch tower.
- Fully Navmeshed.
- Adds 5 guards to patrol whitewatch camp.
- Adds an officer's tent for player.

Standard install, Unzip into your Skyrim/Data folder and enable with your mod manager of choice.

Delete whitewatchcamp.esp from your data folder.

If you're still having problems with floating grass you may try this:

Anything that edits the landscape near whitewatch tower.

(Change-log) v1.1
- Fixed floating grass issue.
- Re-Navmeshed using better tactics.
- Fixed weird invisible wall at the end of the scaffolding. (Probably lol)