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Last updated at 3:02, 9 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 21:42, 12 Feb 2012

Update: Robot followers added in Engineer's guild. Engineer's guild is east of Markarth, east of Salvius Farm.

Some of the Dwemer foresaw the dangers ahead, and took a different path. Now, you can help the archaeologists and the engineering guild unlock the mysteries of the Dwemer Egg found under Reachwind Eyrie, and add a new city in the process.

Quest overview:
0a) Engineering guild - have a trainer direct you to the guild
0b) Help the engineering guild with an emergency (dirt simple starter quest)
- linkings quests to go here -
1) Investigate Reachwind
- - Talk with Calcelmo in Markarth. Ask if he has any other dwemer locations. He'll direct you to Reachwind Eyrie.
- - Find a dwemer lockbox (a big cube) in the basement. Report back to Calcelmo.
2) Opening Reachwind
- - Calcelmo asks you to fetch two parts from other dungeons. Do so.
- - Calcelmo gives you a mechanism to allow you to open the lockbox under Reachwind.
- - You find a dwemer city inside that was frozen in time.
3) Find some history books to help the dwemer find out where the other dwemer vanished to
4) Investigate Blackreach's debate hall for signs of dwemer (Note: this location has not changed, with the exception of an added quest object)
5) Tell the Jarls of the Dwemer's return -WIP doing whiterun first-

Inside the new city of Scrolliron you will find:
  • Merchants
  • Dwemer guards with flamethrowing suits
  • A follower for hire in the inn
  • New Quests (those above, plus others currently being coded)

Version 1.08
- New lead in startable by talking to a smith, enchanting or alchemy trainer ("Where'd you learn?")
- First engineering quest done
- Fixed crash to desktop bugs (Thansk Bethesda forums!)
Version 1.07
- Fixed bug with scripts not loading
Version 1.06
- Engineers Guild
- - Free robot followers added
- Scrolliron
- - 'Fixed' fast travel bug to Markarth (fast travel now prevented)
- - 'Fate of the Dwemer' doesn't now randomly start when a book is picked up
- General
- - Fixed issue with objects being in multiple cells at once (looks like a Creation Kit bug duplicating LOD items, possibly causing crashes)
Version 1.05
- Scrolliron
- - automaton now patrols
- - Prettified Scrolliron
- - Fixed graphical issue on second floor
- - Fixed general store so he now sells
- - Guards no longer talk like the Markarth guards
- Engineers Guild
- - First quest starts automatically upon entrance
- - dialogue added
- - explosion scene added (this is currently the end of the questline)
- Hid most of the quest cheats (that were used for debug)
Version 1.04
- First engineer's guild mission in process; fire scene curently activated via lever though...
Version 1.03
- Added Engineer's Guild building (new interior and exterior) east of Markarth, just east of Salvius Farm
Version 1.02
- First quest made less restrictive, so you can find the lockbox first and still finish
- Calelmo now accepts a gear and an oil, regardless of source. The subquest locations 'may' stay highlighted for now
Version 1.01
- Voice dialogue added! No more required subtitles
- All quests currently function up to 'Dwemer Diplomacy'
- - 'Dwemer Diplomacy' sort of works at Whiterun, but having some scene setup issues
Version 0.9b
- correcting some steam workshop script conflicts
Version 0.9
- Fixed issue with Calcelmo quest being blocked by other quests
- Fixed quest progression on item conflicts
Version 0.8
- Dwemer lockbox under Reachwind Eyrie is now locked until quest done for Calcelmo.
- Two quests added within the lockbox.
- - Freeform 'find a book about the dwemer'
- - Investigate the Blackreach debate hall for signs of living Dwemer
- A hireable dwemer added to Scrollion's Inn
Version 0.7
- Lead in quest from Calcelmo (Markarth Keep) to investigate Reachwind Eyrie. Currently you can get into the dwemer city without finishing this quest, via a bad reference.
Version 0.5
- The dwarven city and population of Scrolliron are immediately accessible by entering Reachwind Eyrie (or console command : coc jdwemEnter).
- Deep Elf race added
- Scrolliron partially populated with guards, innkeepers and merchants

- flying machine
- engineering guild progress (finally a REAL guild)