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This is my first Skyrim mod, and the first mod i have ever uploaded to anything more than a private server, so please give me constructive feedback, I want to know what features are good, what you want added, what is over powered, and what you think should be separated into another mod.

Adds a barrel right by the entrance to riverwood (from helgen) which contains five disenchantable rings. The enchantments on these rings provide the same bonus as alchemy potions do for magical skills, they are as follows.

Empower Alteration - Alteration spells last % longer.
Empower Conjuration - Conjuration spells last % longer.
Empower Destruction - Destruction spells are % stronger.
Empower Illusion - Illusion spells are % stronger.
Empower Restoration - Restoration spells are % stronger.

These enchantments are otherwise identical to the standard fortify skill, having the same scaling and available slots. This should also allow a number of normally unusable enchantments to be placed on your arms and armour.

To Do:
Add the items to leveled lists and remove the barrel
Make all items disenchantable.
Make all enchantments scale to the slot they are in, but be available in all slots (maybe).
Add more enchantments with other effects.
Utilize all the unused enchantments.
Make more upload worthy mods.