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Look like a dragon, walk like a dragon, fight like a dragon, fly like a dragon, die like a Nord

Permissions and credits
Play as a Dragon
Landing Page / Readme

REQUIRES "Better Jumping" by meh321: Click here to install
REQUIRES SKSE 1.7.3 (original Skyrim): Click here to install

  1. Install Better Jumping
  2. When you install PlayableDragon, let it overwrite "Data/SKSE/Plugins/DoubleJumpPlugin.txt" (if you use a mod manager, make sure PD is loaded after BJ.)
  3. PlayableDragon.ini is included to increase the max zoom distance. Any custom camera tweak mods should be loaded after PlayableDragon.

A Special Edition port is not planned at the moment.

  • Fore's New Idles

Optional Mods
SkyUI - For the convenient MCM menu
Individualized Shout Cooldowns - An SKSE plugin
Dragon Animation Replace - Since the player uses a custom race, you can have player-custom animations in "Data/meshes/actors/PDdragon/animations"

The purpose of this mod is to let the player transform into a dragon.
There are some perks included but the mod does not force roleplaying or video game progression mechanics (such as a questline to "earn" the power)
When the game loads, you will receive a power called "Dragon Form."

Zartar's Skyrim Behavior Organizer
fore's CondenseBehavior
theru's convert-xml-hkx-kf UI
The previous iteration of this mod Burning Skies

Known Issues
  • Expect lots of random crashing: unknown cause, perhaps due to system load, script load, behavior edits not cooperating with the engine, etc. 1st person seems to trigger it, especially if trying to cast spells or do weird stuff
  • Cannot shout in non-combat mode while hovering