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Pretty textures for your Divine Amulets.

And your Daedric rings. You fiend.

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It always bothered me that some of the (actually quite nice looking) Divine amulets in LE never got proper retextures, so I decided to look into it myself. I took the incredibly low res vanilla textures (256x256) and decided to try and upscale them to make them look better. It was then that I came across neural network software and saw some pretty nice results after some tweaking.

You remember waifu2x, right? 

Yep, what I'd used to upscale wallpapers in the past turned out to be pretty amazing for texture files, as well. Although time-consuming, I upscaled every single texture for Divine Amulets by x4 (the files x8), including every alpha separately and the end result looked pretty sweet. After some tweaking in Photoshop, I decided to the textures were nice enough to share. Although x4/x8 sounds big, most if not all of the textures are 1K. The vanilla files were incredibly small (the Ancient Nord texture above was blown up in PS for comparison).

This includes woefully ignored textures for the Ring of Hircine, the Ring of Namira, the Amulet of Treachery and the Elder Council Amulet, as well as upscaled textures for the East Empire Amulet and Skaal Amulet from Solstheim (Dragonborn DLC).



Just download and overwrite, everything should be correctly labelled.



waifu2x, such a great tool for image editing -
Bethesda - original textures
Mord - screenshots