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High resolution (4k and 2k) scratch-made retexture of Nightingale weapons and armor with heavily enhanced normal maps. Improved sword model with higher polycount and better proportions as well as a custom unique scabbard. Optionals for full glove and capeless cuirass

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Frankly HD Nightingale Armor and Weapons

"Our trinity serves the Lady Nocturnal, the Empress of Murk and the Daughter of Twilight"

High resolution (4k and 2k available) retexture of Nightingale weapons and armor. Crafted with emphasis on the fact that this is a set of equipment that is passed through generations of Nightingales, hence the heavy weathering on the black leather. And it's the equipment of a daedric cult which makes the use of ebony decorations quite fitting.

Vanilla normal maps were upscaled with a neural network software leading to much crisper and clearer details than one normally gets with upscaling on traditional image editing software.

Meshes had to be modified to assign a new cubemap for the ebony details. This can present compatibility issues with mods modifying the meshes. Therefore, I'm offering two mesh optionals: capeless and full glove for those that don't like the vanilla fingerless ones. Contrary to the above, it is compatible with mods modifying the cowl's mesh such as Improved Closefaced Helmets. There's also a texture variant with less saturated leather weathering.

In addition, the Nightingale Blade model has been improved in both polycount and proportions, it's much thinner and practical than vanilla. And it has a unique custom scabbard made to fit the set with a crescent moon as it's chape.