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Wow, that was a lot of adjectives! Based on Celebrimbor from the "Shadows" Lord of the Rings series, the Noldorian Prince has 250 lines of dialogue voiced by yours truly. Created in the spirit of Celebrimbor, but crafted to be immersive within TES.

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The Noldorian Prince

Based on Celebrimbor from the "Shadows Of" LotR series, the Noldorian Prince has 250 lines of dialogue voiced by yours truly.  Created in the spirit of Celebrimbor, but crafted to be immersive within TES.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own/am not affiliated with the "Shadows of" series or its affiliates in any way. This mod uses absolutely zero, zilch, nada resources from these games, or anything else, for that matter. This mod references the aforementioned sources to keep in character, that's all.

ABOUT: This is my first mod, and a labor of love. It took me nearly 6 months to actually put all of this together, familiarizing myself with the CK, troubleshooting, etc, and I've worked on it (intermittently) as a side project for quite some time.
IMPORTANTLY: There are a number of recorded lines that are significantly older, and may therefore be of lesser quality, than newer lines.
FUTURE UPDATES: Please read the Sticky post for future plans of this mod. Thank you!

I adored Celebrimbor from the game series, and have wanted to make this for a very long time. That said, I am not the legend Alastair Duncan, so I'm afraid it's not as perfect as I'd like it to be. I put forward an honest effort, regardless.
Because of this, it is very likely that I will not add onto this mod any more than I already have, which...was already more than I thought I wanted to. But I just couldn't leave a job half done. Either way, I hope you will enjoy him! He's built to come alive as you explore Skyrim.

So, some of you may have been here the last time I uploaded this mod. It was quite disastrous. I rebuilt the mod from the ground up (In record time! Only like 5 days! Amazing what familiarity does for speed in the CK), and had a friend of mine play-test it for me. Which helped me discover some oversights. So, I REALLY have no reason to believe there's anything wrong with it now, with the exception that some follower overhaul mods may break his functionality.

In addition, I added another ~50 lines compared to last time (Which I called v0.8), which should make him feel much more alive, as they covered the rest of the "normal" things. I also gave him a different introduction, and made it a little longer.

Ohh, right. You've probably been reading all this way to find out where you can find him.

FOUND IN: Old Hroldan Inn

DETAILS:  Spellsword class. Comes with Ice Storm/Frost Cloak and should by default dual-wield a 1H Weapon+Spell.

Before you ask because of the screenshot: "Will he be making wise-cracks a lot? Is he going to RUIN MY IMMERSION? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO SUCH A SINCERE CHARACTER?" No, you can count the number of humorous lines on one hand. It's just a little artistic touch. Ask anyone, I'm the life-shortening pun master.

He comes with Monk robes and a Silver Sword, I figured most people will change him how they like, but I can always change this. He’s not marriageable (because that'd be awkward voicework that I don't necessarily want to do for one thing, but I also never really imagined Celebrimbor to be the romantic type...particularly with one not of his kind), starts at level 15 and scales to 81, and being a Spellsword will max out in 1-Handed, Destruction, and Heavy Armor.

INSTALLATION: Download with a Mod Manager or drop the .esp and .bsa in your \Data folder. EZ

COMPATIBILITY: In my testing, I have some concerns with older follower mods. While the Noldorian Prince works in a vacuum, using ye olde UFO to control him broke his functionality rather completely. I'm not sure why this is (But I reckon it has something to do with Follower VoiceTypes), nor do I know what other follower-managing mods may prevent him from working properly, as I have not tested them. I understand that UFO is the most decrepit follower manager, so there's hope that AFT/EFF will function alongside him without issue.

BUGS: While I'm not aware of any, that only means that I didn't put bugs in intentionally. Because I've not really played with this follower except to test some things. So..do let me know if you run into anything!

UNINSTALLATION: Most any followers can be installed/uninstalled at any point during your game, but know it is good practice to avoid doing so. If you do choose to do so, make sure you take everything from your follower and dismiss them first.

Hey, if you made it this far:Like whatcha hear? I hope so! You can find me now on my CCC Page, if you want me to audition for a role, whether it be in a mod or anything else. Thanks!

The Shadows of Mordor/War teams for creating an awesome game, for one.
Bethesda, for this game I spend countless hours on, and the Creation Kit..which is endlessly frustrating and makes no sense 9/10 times, but somehow manages to be amazing simultaneously.
Alastair Duncan, for inspiring me to embarrass myself making this mod.
Deck16, for his well-put-together tutorial on creating a uniquely voiced follower. Though it's dated, so is the CK, and the majority of the information I needed was in it.
zzjay, for her Standalone Follower Tutorial (Yep, I needed two)
The Nexus, and all of the awesome people who have resources in abundance on this and other websites, which I used to put this mod together.

Expired, for the RaceMenu
fadingsignal, for Skysight Skins and his "Improved Eye Reflections and Cubemap"
Apachii, Apachii Hair Males
LogRaam, The Eyes of Beauty
Mr. Dave for his Eye Normal Map, and Ruhadre for the Eye Mesh Fixes
BowmoreLover, for his Chin-EZ "Yakitori Audio Converter"
Apachii, DE Mercenary Armor (Screenshot)
newermind43, True Thief Armor (Screenshot)
Zwabberdiebo, Caffeine ENB (Screenshot)
Halofarm, for his Poser (Screenshot)
EcthelionOtW, for Hadhafang (Screenshot)
I think that's everyone...
NOTE: It's probably superfluous to say, but none of these assets are redistributed in this mod, save the eyes from Eyes of Beauty, and the Hair files from Apachii Sky Hairs. The Eyes of Beauty's permissions are open, and I have contacted Apachii for permission to use their hair resource, to which they have allowed.