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This is a modders resource containing two tutorial pdf files on level design principles; one on how to guide the player, and one on how to utilize different sizes of spaces.

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Here you'll find two tutorials on level design:

Guiding The Player
On how to use general level design techniques such as lighting, audio and landmarks to guide the player through levels. Suitable for both interiors and exteriors.

The Size of Spaces
On how you can use different sizes of gamespaces to varying effects. Particularly useful for interiors and dungeons.

Both texts are written as short introductions to some basic level design principles, and are useful for all kinds of games and level editors, not just Skyrim.

In the ZIP-file you'll find 2 pdf-files with text and images (4-8 pages each), and two pdf files with just the texts without images (2-4 pages each).

These tutorials are not technical "how to build levels in the Creation Kit" step by step tutorials; Navmesh and Roombounds are not mentioned once!

Both tutorials can also be found on my blog (in slightly less or more up to date versions):