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Three modules that give less fog, less flora and less clutter in your game.

Permissions and credits
This is my first mod, so don't expect any degree of polish or safety; this is just a hack-job that I put together because I found little or no success with any other fog/flora/clutter removers on the Nexus. If you already use an alternative to this mod and it works perfectly fine, don't bother yourself with this mod because it adds nothing new.

Also, the master files used for this mini-plugin are Skyrim.esm and Update.esm, meaning that you must have those two files for this mod to
work. It's not a big ask, if you have the game downloaded then you should have those two files.

What does this mod do?
The mod is split into three modules which accomplish different things and can all be used seperately. The modules cover fog, flora and clutter removal.

  • Less Fog Please: The one and only aim of this module is to remove the fog, mist and dust graphics from the world of Skyrim.
  • Less Flora Please: This module is less hand-wavey in it's implementation. I was more picky with what I left in to make sure important components were left untouched. This means that the ingredients of Skyrim were left intact for the alchemists out there, however, shrubs were all purged and tree density was also selectively thinned without completely removing them
  • Less Clutter Please: This removes items I felt added nothing to the game, the following items were culled: sacks, rugs, baskets, pots, plates, cutlery, jugs, cups, bones, hay, open crates, most firewood, lanterns, buckets, hanging pelts and wall baskets.

Again, these are thoughtlessly made and minimally tested mods that were made as a last resort. They shouldn't have any unexpected effects but maybe a more experienced modder can anticipate any issues that may arise from the way I made the mods (see next section).

How did I make this mod?
Each of the three modules were made with identical methods, involving the deletion of fog, flora or clutter-related objects. That's it, like I said - I'm not a modder.

  • Less Fog Please: Essentially, all I did was open CreationKit and started deleting any fog-related effects from the Object list.
  • Less Flora Please: Used the CreationKit to selectively delete the most inconsequential bits of flora - the alchemical systems should remain intact.
  • Less Clutter Please: Used the CreationKit to remove the ugliest and most irrelevant bits of clutter from the game.

Even though I'm not particularly good with the CreationKit, I'd still like this mod to be functional for the few who find it useful so if you find a stray bit of fog, flora or unnecessary clutter in your game, send me the location (and a screenshot if you'd like to save me a few minutes) and I'll see if I can remove it for you.