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A fiery bear follower with unique textures and a custom framework.

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Fire Creature Follower: Another One

~Charcoal, the Fiery Bear!~

Done as a request for carldmasel719l and mostly the same as my other mod, Obsidian ( He's a fiery bear that immune to fire (and 35% weak to frost), levels with you, and aborbs jewelry and armor into his being to make proper use of them. He's also essential, but there's optional .esps to make him protected or nonessential altogether. He uses his own follower system, allowing him to be used with vanilla followers and/or any other creature follower mods I make (including Obsidian).

~Location's in the pictures if you want spoilers.~


Things to Note:
* I haven't tested force adding him to a follower mod (i.e. AFT or EFF), but it probably shouldn't break too much if you absolutely have to.
*If he's sitting, he sometimes doesn't follow you immediately. Just wait for him to get up.
*If you dismiss him, he should stay at that spot, but sometimes he gets up and wanders around to go stare at small animals.
* Sometimes the dialogue is unclickable. That's a Skyrim thing. Disable
then reenable him with the console. Alternatively, I've heard that AFT's
summon all feature works too.


He uses his own model/textures and framework, so he shouldn't conflict with anything. If you do find something, please report it. Thank you.


jennathejew ( and other (
for the tutorials
the wonderful teams and creators of Nifskope, Blender, GIMP, and Skyrim for the obvious
myself for putting it together :)