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New loading screen mod.

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New loading screen mod.

∎ 31 new random loading screens. [Version 2.0]
    31개의 새로운 로딩화면

[Version 2.0]
∎ 11 new loading screens are added
    11개의 로딩화면 추가

[Version 2.1]
∎ Descriptions are deleted.
    설명문 삭제

∎ Load my mod at last.
    제 모드를 가장 마지막에 불러오세요.

∎ This mod will be compatable with another loading screen mod.

∎ Do not upload or use my mod except my permission.
    제 모드를 허가 없이 재업로드 및 사용하지 마세요.
∎ Except Korean translation, you can translate my mod without my permission.

ara0196(Checkmate) - Screenshot provider
Sunynan(끄깡깡) - Screenshot provider

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