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A male preset for RaceMenu and Enhanced Character Edit (ECE). Based on D.Gray-man.

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This is my take on Howard Link from D.Gray-man. He's an Imperial for roleplay flavor but you might be able to tweak his features to fit other races. For full Link realism, go stealth (dual wield, no bows) with some focus on Fire/Lightning spells for offense and wards/binding/paralysis for utility. Also buy lots of sweet rolls and apple pies. Feel free to use him just for the appearance, but if you want to take it a step further check out the misc mods I use to flesh him out.

For ECE, place the .slot file in Documents/Games/skyrim/CME_save. For RaceMenu, place the .jslot file in Data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets.

If you want to make him look exactly like the screenshots, you will need the following mods:
BLEAK ENB - Not 100% required but he was made with this ENB enabled and his colors might be saturated with others
Better Males (sundracon with YoungerGeonoxFacesWithoutBeard)
Milkdrinker body mesh (sundracon)
Skyrim Hair Physics Project
The Eyes of Beauty

Miscellaneous mods that I use to add some depth to him:
Realistic Movement - Specifically "female neutral" animations, male animations don't suit his personality
Realistic Idles - Female 7, most male idles aren't snobby/stand-offish enough
(Both Realistic Animation mods require FNIS, and PCEA2 is also necessary if you want player-only animations.)
El Men's Underwear (with lore-friendly textures) because Link would never be caught naked
Master of Beasts Slender, less bulky armor
Bandolier bags and pouches - Wear pouches and a book
Take Notes - Write in your very own notebook about all of the heresy you encounter. Full immersion mode

Added RaceMenu preset. Please let me know if there are any problems.