About this mod

This file contains the preset and model of the head 2B (the character from the game Nier: Automata). Everything was done exclusively by hand. This preset and model work fine on the Nord race ( Only female character :) )

Be sure to look at the requirements tab !!!

Instructions for installation read below!

Permissions and credits
How to install:

Unpack the file in the folder with the game.

Example directory:  С:\...\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets

The model should be in the folder "Plugins", and the preset in the folder "Presets"!!!

Models - Files like "dds" and "nif"    (1)

Presets -  Files like "jslot"    (2)

Preset is best set manually, because the NMM does not always correctly set the presets.

While in the game, when creating a character, you first need to activate the head model (1), then activate the set of face settings (2), and finally activate the model again heads (1). All these actions are necessary for the mod to work correctly. Also, let me remind you that this mod works correctly only for the Nord race.

When installing this modification, in most cases a problem arises, the character's hands become very small. If you have such a problem, then the best solution would be to install the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE mod, which is indicated in the recommendations. If you already have XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE mod installed, but the above problem manifested itself, then you should reinstall XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE mod.

P.S. - The "Nier automata armor set 2B and A2" mod has unfortunately been removed from the Nexus. But a user under the nickname RivadosCaviana solved this problem on the forum, he left a link to the original developer package for the mod. The file is located in the 1CBBE folder.

Here is the link:

My thanks to RivadosCaviana.