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Preset for racemenu.

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First of all I want to apologize for my bad English.


  1. Racemenu
  2. SeveNBase body
  3. The Eyes Of Beauty
  4. KS Hairdos
  5. Pure skin texture
  6. Brows
  7. SKSE

How to install:

  1. Use NMM or extract to your data folder.
  2. Select Nord race, go to Sculpt import head Rubinia (f9) then go to presets and load preset.(f9)
  3. Enjoy.


  1. - Do not reupload this mod.
  2. - If you want to create a follower, pm me first.


  1. RaceMenu - by Expired
  2. SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer - by Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity
  3. The Eyes Of Beauty - by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam
  4. KS Hairdos - Renewal - by Kalilies and Stealthic
  5. Brows - by Hvergelmir
  6. PureSkinTexture - by Regenbot03
  7. Tetrachromatic ENB - Slothability
  8. Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT - by ChronoTrigger77
  9. Remodeled Armor for SeveNBase BombShell HDT TBBP - by RickerHK

I'm sorry if i forgot someone!