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Arethys is a skilled mage from Morrowind who specializes in Destruction and Conjuration. You can find her in the New Gnisis Cornerclub. She is Level 90, marriageable and can summon a variety of creatures, including summons from the Dragonborn DLC.

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In the New Gnisis Cornerclub of Windhelm waits a powerful mage who journeyed to Skyrim from Morrowind to seek her fortune. The woman known as Arethys Ra'athim is of royal blood and rejected a life of political intrigues to pursue the study of magic and the call of adventure.

Her mother was Princess Rinnala of Firsthold, daughter of the Altmer King Reman Karoodil and his wife, the Dunmeri Queen Morgiah. Morgiah was the daughter of the famed Barenziah but found herself largely resented by the xenophobic High Elves, and that resentment turned to violent hatred when the Thalmor deposed the royals. After seeing her parents and brother killed, Rinnala fled the Summerset Isles and sailed to Morrowind despite knowing hardships awaited her there. She became close to a fellow passenger during the voyage and conceived a child with him, though she would never divulge his identity and died giving birth. The child, named Arethys, was placed in a high-ranking family of House Redoran and raised alongside their sons.

Arethys grew up with many privileges, but also felt the weight of responsibility bearing down on her from an early age. Because of her heritage, she was a valuable asset and was intended to wed some important councilor or foreign noble to solidify necessary alliances. As she matured she grew disdainful of this future that had been planned out for her and sought to change her fate. While she pretended to be obedient and content with her role, in reality she was waiting for her chance to leave. She excelled at magical studies under her tutor, one of the Telvanni mage lords, and took advantage of her education to prepare herself for an eventual escape.

She fled the city of Blacklight soon after learning that she had been betrothed to an elderly House Sadras retainer who only wanted to get heirs of royal blood from her. Using gold she had stolen in small amounts over the course of many years, she hired a mercenary and trekked the dangerous Dunmeth Pass into Skyrim. The trip put her skills to the test and she found herself beset on all sides by freezing weather, wild beasts and vicious bandits. But eventually she reached the Refugee's Rest and caught a glimpse of Windhelm beyond, and as she gazed at the frozen beauty of Skyrim she knew she had done the right thing.

Ever since that day she's been traveling to Raven Rock to research arcane knowledge and returning to the Grey Quarter to help the inhabitants there. Some say she's gotten too close to crazy old Neloth and uses spells that could even be considered evil. Others consider her a boon since she will gladly lend a hand when someone needs help. As for Arethys herself, perhaps she's waiting for the right person to come along so she can delve into another tomb searching for lost secrets, or maybe even learn more about the mighty dragons...
Arethys is overpowered and intended for late game players. She is Level 90 and knows a lot of higher spells, including but not limited to: Conjure Dremora Lord, Paralyze, Incinerate, and Close Wounds. She also knows spells from the Dragonborn DLC, such as Conjure Ash Guardian and Ignite.
She is located in the New Gnisis Cornerclub, probably hiding under the stairs on the second level for whatever reason. She was supposed to be in front of the bar, but the Creation Kit works in mysterious ways.

She is also tall for a Dark Elf because of her Altmer blood and her features are rather human, since her father was a human. Her voice type is the default female dark elf voice, same as Irileth and Jenassa.

NOTE: There is an optional version of this mod that uses the FemaleElfHaughty voice type, which cannot be used as a follower without Relationship Dialogue Overhaul or a similar mod. I personally endorse and encourage the use of RDO because it also enhances the game nicely.

She looks the way she does because she is technically a Nord, because the hair I use for her can only be used on human heads or it looks bad. I sculpted her ears myself. Please don't whine about how human she looks, she began existence as a Keira Knightley preset so of course she looks very human.

Her body type is default UNP.

Q: "Why is she blue???"
A: Her textures have a natural warm brown color to them. To make her look gray enough, I had to make her really blue. Just don't use other textures with her and she'll be fine.

Q: "Why are her toenails so dark?"
A: Because that's how the Real Girls textures are. I noticed it too late and I'm not remaking the texture, it took me a while.

Q: "Why does she not have a custom voice/custom quest/jiggle physics/etc etc etc?!"
A: I am a simple noob. All of that is too complicated for me. I do this for fun.

Q: "Why bother writing all that stupid story no one cares hurrdurr"
A: I do what I want.

Q: "I have a fetish, can you make her--"
A: NO.

Q: "She's too overpowered and I don't like it! Make her better suited for a low level character!"
A: Do it yourself, I for one prefer followers who aren't on their knees after two hits. Also having a follower who truly fights like a master wizard is dope.

Q: "Can I have a RaceMenu/ECE preset of her?"
A: Nope. There's a way to steal follower facegens for your own character, look it up.

Q: "CBBE Body?"
A: No.

Q: "Different armor?"
A: You can change what she wears with a mod like Amazing Follower Tweaks or going into the CK  yourself to do it.

Q: "Why even make this mod if you aren't going to do what people want?"
A: I've been fantasizing about making Arethys a follower for over a year now. It was simply time. I make stuff mainly for my own use, public release is just a bonus.