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Adds 2 new Powers for issuing commands to your Follower and Animal companion in an Immersive way similar to the whistle in the Inigo mod.

Permissions and credits
This extremely lightweight mod adds 2 new multi-functioning Powers to the game for issuing commands to your Follower and Animal Companion in a completely immersive way.  It removes the need to open menu's or talk to your followers in order to get them to do what you want!

The powers are called "Whistle to Follower" and "Whistle to Animal" and will be taught to your character automatically upon starting the game with the mod installed.

Teach me to Whistle.

If you have used the whistle included in the Inigo mod then you already know how to use this.  It works in exactly the same way! If not,  then I highly recommend you get Inigo and let him teach you to whistle.  He is amazing and has some dialogue and a book that explains how to whistle in an immersive way.

How it works:


Follower Compatibility List: 

Install / Uninstall
This mod does not modify any existing records and should be safe to add or remove mid play through.

Install and uninstall just like you would any other mod.

Recommended Mods
AH Hotkeys - This will allow you to set up hotkeys in a better way then the default game allows.  You will be able to bind the whistle commands to what ever key you want and use them instantly without having to switch your powers.
Inigo - the greatest follower of all time and the inspiration for this mod.  If you have never had Inigo accompany you on your travels through Skyrim then you are missing out.  Seriously,  get this mod.