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This mod adds a Potion of Well Being which you can brew up yourself.

Permissions and credits
Right up front, this is a downward port of the mod with the same name in Skyrim SE.  

The Mod itself:

This mod adds the Potion Of Well Being as a craftable potion.  

The recipe for this potion can be obtained from almost any Alchemy retailer in the game for a price.  Just remember that the occurrence of any particular recipe is random.  

This is a three ingredient potion and so cannot be identified by the list of active "affects" potions because the Alchemy Crafting interface assumes only two ingredients.  It must be crafted from the "Ingredients" section of the Alchemy Menu.  

The potion created with this recipe is just like any other potion.  It will increase in strength as the player levels their Alchemy Skill.  Its efficacy can also be increased by wearing clothing which increase Alchemy Skill while crafting.

Techno babble:

Alchemy works by combining ingredients which have "reinforcing effects" (restore health, increase stamina, cure poison, etc) and at least two ingredients are required.  The "Potion of Well Being" (introduced with the Dragonborn DLC) has three affects; Restore Health, Restore Magicka and Restore Stamina.  For this to be possible, you either need two ingredients which have these three effects, or three ingredients which have two of these effects in the correct combination (one with restore Health and restore Magicka, one with restore Magicka and restore Stamina and one with restore Stamina and restore Health).  Unfortunately, there is no ingredient which has the effects restore Health and restore Magicka.  

BUT ... Vampire Dust has "Regenerate Health" and "Restore Magicka".  So this mod simply changes "Regenerate Health" to "Restore Health" in Vampire Dust.  This allows for at least three ingredients with the proper effects in the proper combination.  I will leave it to the player to either figure out the other ingredients or to buy the recipe from an Alchemy Vendor.

Now, for the proverbial caveat.  The potion created from this recipe will be named either "Potion of Restore Stamina" or "Potion of Restore Magicka", depending on which ingredient is activated last.  That is just the way the Alchemy interface works and I have found no way to override the Name of a Potion when it is created via the "Ingredients" function.  So look carefully and pay attention when you are selling off those unwanted potions.  

This mod will conflict with any other mod which modifies the forms vampireDust or LItemApothecaryRecipesRare50.  

Installation and Activation:

Use NMM to download and activate.  

The Legalities:

This mod and all associated forms is a copyright protected work and is created solely for download and use during gameplay of the PC version of the Bethesda Softworks game Skyrim.  Any other use of this mod without the express written permission of the mod creator is expressly forbidden.  Should you find this mod on any Site but NEXUS, it has been stolen.