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Alternate start mod, a superset of subset of Skyrim Unbound. Does not cause quest mods to always call you Dragonborn

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An alternate start mod derived from Skyrim Unbound mod. It will be easiest do describe it by listing the differences. With Helgen Unbound,

* within the initial screen, Helgen is not under fire, and the weather is always clear...

* Main Quest is not butchered. Use something like Never Talk To NPCs if you want to progress civil war questline without being Dragonborn

* there is no issue with quest mods recognizing the player character as Dragonborn from the beginning.

* it's possible to develop custom start extension mods, loosely coupled - no "master" dependency required! no Papyrus script API!

~~~History ~~~

- Helgen starts as empty ruins;
- use "setstage mq102 30" to get on track with the Main Quest.
- does not include Dragon Stalking Fix
- Helgen is not ruined at start, civilians of Helgen are present
- MQ101 and MQ101DragonAttack react to 'setstage', yet most if not all triggers won't start any of them until the quests are primed (MQ101 - stage 2, MQ101DragonAttack - stage 10); that should not create multiple non-unique NPCs.
- added Dragonborn.esm as master and a Solstheim / Raven Rock start location.
- MQ104 "Dragon Rising" completes and stops on investigating the dragon in Non-Dragonborn mode.
- cleaned up ITM records, forwarded some minor Unofficial Patch changes
- added "Fluff" MCM menu page, to complement the core settings
- added custom alternate start extension framework. Included a demo of a custom start in Beyond Skyrim: Bruma
- implemented Miraak stealing Milmurnir soul for non-Dragonborn, and other fluff options (killed dragon turn to bones, switching to Dragonborn after MQ105 quest is detected).
- conditioned Balgruuf and guards dialogue about dragons on completing MQ101 (unchecked "Start with game enabled" for MQ103 as a temporary solution for testing Dragonsreach dialogues)
- added a trigger box inside Helgen Homestead that starts the vanilla cart scene. By the time Helgen Homestead cell will be replaced with a regular Skyrim home decorated interior, we'll have a more immersive way to start the vanilla intro, I hope.
- restored the cart scene and tutorial dungeon (at least if started right away after start game, and no mods such as Touring Carriages break it)