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*16sets Citizens Clothes
* 2K texture & 2K normal map
* Add extra shadow the Light Engine can't display well
*Highlight differences of the metal/leather/cloth/fur
*Fix texture seam / deformation
*This MOD is compatible in LE & SE

Permissions and credits
I try to keep the style and color of the original work as much as possible, a little redesigned, using 2K material and normal map re-laying.
I redraw as much as possible for all the details, emphasizing the material differences between fur/leather/cloth/metal.
The game light engine can't create a shadow on the small model. I draw more shadow on the material to highlight the three-dimensionality.
This MOD color is perfect to me with 2 light MOD and my PC monitor, I play game feel comfortable, I know it could not perfect to everyone, the only thing I can do I'll make a very low Color saturation version because there are many different light MOD and ENB MOD in Nexus, just need some time.

This mod is compatible with the legendary and special editions

All install
Copy the folder \DATA and overwrite the skyrim game folder \DATA

Install 1 by 1 (If you want keep other citizen clothes MOD)
Copy the folder \DATA\textures\clothes\???
and overwrite the skyrim game folder \DATA\textures\clothes\???
16sets clothes folder name

[about me]
This is the first time I learned to make a game mod and completed the work. All the work is new and challenging for me. Maybe it is not good enough, but the completion of this work is very high. I hope you will like it and vote it, grateful!
If you have any suggestion,please let me know even you don't like it  HA! HA!

If you like this MOD, please don't worry to give me endorsement and vote, that'll be the biggest encouragement to me.
If you have any idea and suggestion  about this MOD, welcome post and discussion.
At last , enjoy it ~

此MOD相容於傳奇版和特別版,壓縮成名稱/ DATA的資料夾,手動下載後只需解壓縮並覆蓋遊戲的 /DATA資料夾。
這是我第一次學習製作遊戲MOD並且完成的作品,所有工作對我來說都新的嘗試和挑戰,也許它還不夠好,但是這個作品的完成度非常高,希望你會喜歡並給予我支持,感激 !