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Suggested by "normalouise" on the Skyrim Mods Reddit, this adds a Shrek style player home to the swamps outside Morthal.

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Some BODY Once Told me, the world was... lacking a Shrek Player Home..
So I made one.
Want to pretend to be Shrek in Skyrim?  Now you can!


The mod includes a player home in the swamps outside of Morthal.  You don't have to do anything to get it, just walk in.
The house also includes an "earwax" torch that never burns out.  It is located in the chest to the right of the bed.
As of version 1.1, the house has a complete crafting set (excluding a smelter) with alchemy and enchanting stations inside, and a workbench, anvil, and sharpening stone outside.

Also on Special Edition:

Thanks to u/normalouise for suggesting the idea over on the Skyrim Mods Reddit.

Just give me credit for this mod and don't charge money for it.

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