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Adds Kynareth another goddess from the Nine Divines that comes in Default (Your Textures and Meshes) and CBBE, UUNP versions with a BONUS Freckles Patch.

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"Kynareth from the Nine Divines is the strongest of the Sky spirits and is the goddess of the heavens, the winds, the elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. When the dragons started to invade Tamriel, she was awakened to help fight with the Dragonborn and end these evil pest's. She will be the LAST goddess in this series and she will be a powerful ally to the player as essential and combat focused on Melee and Ranged and powerful stats to eliminate enemies with ease. You can find her in her temple in Whiterun".
This was her original description months ago as she has been sitting in my files for that long. I'm glad I did because NOW she has a daughter Kelsea who can fight with the best of em thanks to the superior training from her Mother. Kelsea is also located in The Temple Of Kynareth in Whiterun. 
NOTE: You will need Relationship Dialog Overhaul in order for the follower child dialog to work. 

Q & A:

Q: Why are your followers so overpowered?
A: Because I get sick of watching my followers crawling around on the ground after a few hits and because I can.

Q: Are you going to bring any other characters to life in the future? 
A: Possibly

Q: Will there be more child followers from you?
A: Yes, because Skyrim is lacking them and or Adoptable kids and it will pass the time till ES6 arrives.

Q: Why are you a goofy smarty pants and somewhat of a b at times? 
A: Cats are unpredictable felines that no one will ever understand. 


Height 1.0
Weight 100
Marriageable (Kelsea ISN'T of course.
Voice Female Even Toned
Health, Magicka and Stamina 500