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Version 0.09
Cleaned up references

Long ago, Winterhold was one of the greatest cities in all of Skyrim. After a huge chunk fell into the ocean, the town changed from a bustling city to a bleak refuge from the north winds. But a mysterious island has now been spotted off in the ocean, west of Hela's Folley. Could this be the Winterhold Castle from times long past?

It is located west from Hela's Folley (shipwreck in the Northern Sea) If you're still having trouble finding it, just open the console and type coc WinterholdCastleMain (case sensitive)

*100% Lore Friendly
*Follower/NPC friendly
*Player Chests, mannequins, blacksmith, smelter, tanning rack, alchemy, & enchanting inside the house annex.
*Basement in main building that contains many additional player chests and mannequins
*Alchemy garden located in a sub-basement (hidden trap door)

-Planning (will be added soon):
Trap door basement clutter, additions and lighting improvements
extra treasure rooms, basements, & secret rooms
overall lighting improvements
main basement expansion
tower clutter and additions

Mining mineral veins not implemented yet

-WIP- This mod is a work in progress! Check back here for updates! Please do not upload this file anywhere else!

Using Nexus Mod Manager, Click yes when prompted to upgrade.
****Items stored in chests and mannequins will be retained. These objects will not be altered through updates, so your items will be safe.

Extract the contents of WinterholdCastle.7z to the (Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim) directory. Open the skyrim launcher and click Data Files, and enable WinterholdCastle.esp

or.. just use Nexus Mod Manager to download/auto-install it. If you are having problems with manual install, then use NMM

Gather any items that remain in the castle's chests/mannequins, go to an interior location away from the castle (Example: Sleeping Giant Inn) and save the game. Remove the WinterholdCastle.esp, reload Skyrim, and load the save. It will display a warning saying that the save uses different mods than before- this is fine, click Ok and load the save. All done!



Version 0.08
download manager problems fixed
addressed problem with file extraction freezes

Version 0.07
readjusted house annex door
added tower master bedroom
readjusted step-ladder leading up to tower
rough navmesh for tower interior

Version 0.06
Added alchemy garden in castle depths, reach it by going behind practice target (Work in progress)
Fixed issue where mannequins were alive and walking around
lighting adjustments in castle depths

Version 0.05
re-positioned house annex
added navmesh in the Castle Dephts (reach it by going behind the dummies in the back)
Fixed issue where textures would not load from a distance (LOD)
mannequins added to house annex and main basement

Version 0.04
Added navmesh (NPC Companions can now navigate the area)
fixed door frame inside craft annex

Version 0.03
Fixed seams in basement and main castle building
added Depths (sub-basement area) accessible using the hidden trap door behind the training dummies.
fixed door size on top of castle
changed the door to the craft house annex to correctly reflect the house position
hopefully fixed the problem where the house texture is sometimes not visible

Version 0.02
patched up holes outside the castle where the player could drop "inside" the castle model
Added smelter in annex house
Reduced clutter in annex house
patched up some holes in the main castle
adjusted stairs inside main castle

Other notes:
-Do not upload to any other place-
-This mod fully supports the "Nexus Mod Manager" (provided by, this website) It is highly suggested that the mod is installed using this method vs. a manual install.
-This is a work in progress mod-
-If you like this mod, please endorse it!-