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Nether's Follower Framework is designed as a simple, multi-follower system that is light on game resources and allows for up to 10 companions at one time. It provides a host of additional features, including immersion and quality-of-life functions to allow you to adventure with a small team of characters. Ported from SSE.

Permissions and credits
Nether's Follower Framework is designed as a simple, multi-follower system that is light on game resources and allows for up to 5 companions at one time.  It provides a host of additional features, including immersion and quality-of-life functions to allow you to adventure with a small team of characters.

It does not alter nor include any standard dialog, such as recruiting, dismissing, asking to wait/follow, trading and so on, making it safe to use with dialogue overhauls (RDO, etc).  It works behind the scene to translate requests into the framework.

This framework is intended for use with Followers that use the default follower system versus custom followers, which often have their own integrated system for joining the player.  However, this framework includes an import system that allows you to use some of the quality of life features on custom followers.

This a Port of the SSE Version to Skyrim Legendary Edition.
Direct all comments or bugs to the Original Mod Page HERE. Please indicate that you are using LE rather than SSE.
Changelog is on the Original Mod Page HERE.
This is by request and I do not play on LE. It is far easier to impact LE versus SSE concerning Script load, Mod load and general stability.


- Allows up to 10 Followers (flexible, can be humanoids or animals).
- Allow Followers to Sandbox when you are doing passive tasks. Can be set to In-Town only.
- Improve Follower Stealth AI when out of combat. They will not initiate combat, chatter and they move in close. Optional.
- Apply Movement Speed Boost to Followers (+25%). Optional.
- Reduce interpolation between walk/run state changes (faster reaction). Optional.
- Automatic Catch-up (teleport) if Followers are too far away. Optional.
- Allow Followers to summon Horses when the player mounts. You can choose the default Horse Skin. This is not "open ownership" of any horse. Optional.
- Prevent Followers from drawing weapons when you do. Optional.
- Set Followers to not recover during bleedout.
- Followers will not set off basic traps (equivalent of LightFoot perk). Optional via installer.
- Followers get out of the way when you get very close to them.
- No starter bow or arrows.
- Set combat and non-combat distance of Followers.*
- Set any Follower to Essential (or reverse it). While in the Framework, all Followers are Protected.
- Place any magic-using Follower into a Healer role.*
- Teach Followers spells by trading spell books to them. Optional.
- Toggle Sandboxing, Stealth AI, Horse Use, and Horse Skin for any individual follower.
- Set up Adventuring Gear for a Follower, telling them what to wear while they are following you. This is gear enforcement NOT outfit managment.
- Storage system for re-applying Adventuring Gear when re-recruited.
- Copy their default outfit into your inventory (for custom armor, mainly).
- Set a Follower to only use headwear while in combat. Optional.
- View any Follower's Stats, Skills and Resistances.
- Multi-Follower Commands via ability - Following/Combat Distance, Wait, Follow, Dismiss. Can also order to Wait Indefinately and Sandbox.
- Issue Single Follower Commands via submenu (same ability above).
- Summon your Followers to you at any time via an ability. Optional.
- Robust MCM menu for setting most features, viewing Follower stats and seeing which slots are filled.
- Integrated support for Interesting NPCs (smart system detects mod, is not required). Optional.

- Design philosophy is to be as light as possible on resources and be compatible with any many mods as possible without the need for patches.
- This mod works by redirecting calls to the main vanilla follower script to a framework controller script. It is designed so that calls from other parts of the game (to the follower script) will continue to function as intended. This allows it to be highly compatible.
- The Framework is very verbose in terms of letting you know what is going on (a specific follower is recruited or dismissed by name, followers are set to wait or follow and so on).
- Compatible with Blades recruitment. Can optionally add the armor to a follower's inventory versus forcing an outfit on them.

- Custom Followers are usually completely outside of the Framework but can be Imported to use any feature not shown with "*" above. Importing allows them to "borrow" a Follower Slot, so they count towards the max limit. Custom Follower here specifically means any Follower with their own follower framework outside of the vanilla system (Serana, Sofia, Recorder, Arissa, Inigo and so on). This includes Custom Pets that have their own follower framework outside of the vanilla system.

- Pets (Animal Companions) under this Framework use most of the features that Followers do. However, all races in the game are governed by behavior files meaning that pets will do what they want to do at times. Example: Dogs will sit when the player stops whether you have them set to sandbox or not.


- SkyUI
- Dawnguard - Must be installed and enabled.


- Convenient Horses for follower horses.
- Simple NPC Outfit Manager for actual outfit management.
- My Home is Your Home for setting home location.


I recommend using a mod manager to install this mod. It is in FOMOD format.

The following scripts, if they are present, will be overwritten:
- DialogueFollowerScript (and QF_DialogueFollower_000750BA) - retains original functions but alters their contents to segway into the framework controller script.
- FollowerAliasScript - as above.
- TrainedAnimalScript - as above.
- TrapBear - Altered to not affect followers. You can optionally remove this script if you want vanilla follower trap behavior.
- TrapTriggerBase - as above.
- BladesChangeOutfitScript, FreeformSkyHavenTempleAScript, QF_FreeformSkyHavenTempleA_000E38C9 - For adapting to the Blades recruitment and adding equipment option.

New Game
This is the recommended approach. You can begin your game with this mod enabled. Startup impact is minimal.

Existing Game
Likely works best if you have never installed a multiple follower mod (AFT, EFF, UFO, etc).
1. Follow the directions for uninstalling your multiple follower mod, including uninstalling the mod.  Your followers should all be dismissed.
2. Make sure your current follower is dismissed, along with any animal follower.
3. Travel to a new cell (any indoor location, for example).
4. Save your game.
5. Exit and Install Nether's Follower Framework.
6. Load your game. You should get text on the screen saying that the mod is installed.
7. Save your game and then load the save you just created.
If all went well you should be using the framework. I cannot guarantee it will work flawlessly in an older save file, especially one that previously had a different framework installed. You may wish (at your own peril/comfort) to use a save game cleaner. Personally I use Fallrim Tools and I haven't had an issue with it.

If you are updating from a previous version and currently have followers, use - Sort Follower Slots - under [Show Follower Slots] to refresh the followers and their packages.

Load Order
Place this mod near the end of your load order.


The script load of this Framework is pretty light to minimal. Most of the scripts and functions are fire and forget and use game events when possible. There are some exceptions. If you don't want any Papyrus load, you can turn off some features to have zero load in real time.

Sandboxing - The sandbox function uses a single update loop that checks in real time. At around 7 seconds of the player being more or less idle, Followers will sandbox.
Catch-Up "Teleport" - The catch up system is on the same single update as Sanboxing but only checks once per 10 seconds. It isn't a necessary component as you can use the Teleport ability to pull all Followers and Pets to you.
Check Count - This checks the follower and animal count and adjusts it occasionally (single loop in real time, quick check every 8 seconds). I do recommend you leave it on. The only time it does anything in depth at all is if my animal and follower count doesn't match Skyrim's. You can turn it off and check manually (or on location change event) - this might feel more kludgy though.
Import Adjustment - Same single update loop as Check Count, this simply removes an Imported follower from the Framework. You don't use my Framework to Dismiss or Recruit Custom Followers, they use their own system so this is just a clean up as their follower system doesn't directly talk to mine. Zero impact when no Custom Follower is imported.

So... If you really, truly want zero impact, turn off Sandboxing, Catch-Up, Check Count and don't Import any custom followers. You might want to try these systems first before just turning them off. These systems are actually pretty light.


Compatible with most mods that affect followers, including:
- Convenient Horses
- My Home is Your Home
- Simple NPC Outfit Manager
- Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
- Interesting NPCs

This framework will not make any followers explicitly compatible with any of the mentioned mods, except iNPCs.
Mods that affect marriage or children should be fine as those systems are untouched.
Not fully tested with Animal mods. In theory, most should be fine. I have tried Dogs of Skyrim so far.

Not compatible with:
- Any multi-follower framework mods (AFT, EFF, UFO and similar).
- Any mods that directly affect the recruitment of Blades.
- May conflict with any mod that enforces the following game settings: fFollowSpaceBetweenFollowers, iFriendHitCombatAllowed, fCombatTeammateFollowRadiusBase, fCombatTeammateFollowRadiusMin, fAIDistanceTeammateDrawWeapon, fFastWalkInterpolationBetweenWalkAndRun, fJogInterpolationBetweenWalkAndRun.

Potential Conflicts:
- Mods that enhance follower combat AI will likely override this mod. This affects the Healer Role and Combat Distances.
- Mods that affect how followers travel with the player will likely override this mod. This affects Follow Distance. moving out of the way, Sandboxing, Stealth movement.


Just wanted to let everyone know where my mindset is with this mod.
- Suggestions are welcome but I am going to heavily weight any options before including them. I don't want to break my or anyone else's game or do anything that permanently changes a follower.
- The goal is more to build a highlighly mod compatible, simple follower framework that is dedicated to doing that well instead of competing with the feature set of other multiple-follower manager mods. Use what best works for you and your game, always.
- I don't plan on increasing slots beyond 10 at any time soon.
- I am not adding a training system at this time.
- I don't want to include anything that turns followers into vampires, werewolves or something else.
- Some features like setting home location, setting up custom outfits and so on are best handled in mods dedicated to those things and I am unlikely to add them at this time.
- The Import System (where you can import fully custom followers that use their own follower system) is not foolproof. It may not work with all followers. If I can patch the system and it looks doable, I will try. In general, I will not create follower patches. It is possible to attempt to import a npc who is temporarily your teammate, usually during a quest. I would refrain from doing this as it could cause something to break in that quest.
- If you use the Healer "Package" on a follower there are rare occasions where the follower will freak out during a combat. This is a general issue with any custom package. It will often sort itself out once the follower changes animations. You can also use any power on them that causes stagger (Unrelenting Force, etc) to snap them out of it (usually).