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Adds shortcuts to some of the dungeons you visit during the main quest. For when you wanna be Dragonborn, but don't want to go through all of Bleak Falls barrow for the thousand time. A relatively immersive(tm) way of speeding up getting the dragonstone, windcaller horn and all that stuff.

Permissions and credits
At this point I can basically go through Bleak Falls Barrow blindfolded. So to speed things up for new dragonborn characters I added some shortcuts. The goal was to speed things up in a relatively immersive way and not having to go through the same dungeon for the 999th time. To avoid things feeling cheaty an enemy or two that guard the loot have been added.

Bleak Falls Barrow

- You can now enter through the secret backdoor (the one you usually exit through) that leads directly to the room with the word wall.  Look for the lever.
- There's a shortcut from the word wall room to the spider room if you want to grab the golden claw as well.


*You can now open the secret wall from both sides (the one you usually exit through). Look for the lever.
*There's a shortcut from the final room (where you find Delphines note) to the cave room with the word wall.

Tower of Mzark
the place where you get the elder scroll)

*Opens the door to the lift on the surface for quick access to the room where you find the scroll. 

Should be compatible with pretty much everything. No big changes where made.