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Add a new type of crossbow to your game: the Dwarven Boltcaster

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My skyrim build has a little bit of role playing. A party of four, each has their own class. While three of them, including me, had their own type of ranged weapon, I couldn't find some kind of heavy artillery for a heavy, tank character. Well turn out I found one: "Siege crossbow collection", but somehow the crossbow's additional meshes doesn't appear when it's being wielded by any NPCs/followers (it looks fine on player character though), also i think that they look overkill and cramped with too much decoration parts.
 I decided to made my own, using parts from Dwarven traps inside those Dwemer ruins, some struts -  attached them to a Dwarven crossbow... And here it is: the Dwarven Boltcaster.
It comes in 2 sizes: one large regular and a compact(smaller) version.

I also made 2 new types of bolt: the Quadshot bolt and Dwarven siege bolt; both deals high damage, but requires more resources to craft

You can follow this table to see all kind of items needed to craft. "Dwarven Smithing perk" is needed.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Important and extra notes--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- The regular Boltcaster will obstruct your view in first person due to it large size; it also clips through the wielder's arm a little bit - something i couldn't fix, maybe I'll figured it out, however everyone are welcomed to fix this issue, make sure that you let me know and review it.
- This mod uses and includes vanilla textures in its own separate folder (found in Data/textures/Dwarven Boltcaster). If you use any dwarven retexture mod, you will have to manually replace included vanilla textures with those from retexture mod.