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Add's some new mercs

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I wanted more lore immersive followers so I made some :D!
Important:I used an enb when taking pictures so they might not look the same!Also if you want some of your own mercs I can make them for you!
Honestly nothing special just adds a few people

Argonian Imperial Officer
Wanan-tei Medorees:Winking Skeever

Imperial Soldier
Sylontia Mosonicus:Bannered mare

Khajiit Hunter
Do'aasha:His camp is marked on your map as soon as you install the mod

Old Nord Female
Fasri Old-Sword:Sleeping Giant Inn

Nord Bear Hunter
Rigetaag the Bearclaw:Vilemyr Inn

For roleplaying:
Wanan-Tei is a die hard imperial supporter.He's kind and loves to drink ale and fight some even think he has a nord soul in him.
Sylontia Mosonicus simply had no better options so she joined the army.She's a tough and grumpy old soldier.
Do'aasha came to Skyrim as a guard of Khajiit caravan but the caravan was attacked by something and Do'aasha was the only survivor.He's a kind young Khajiit and loves Skyrim more then Elsweyr.
Fasri Old-Sword is a old Nord veteran.She left the Stormcloacks when they enterd a stand still with the Empire because of her old age.But she still has some life left in her.
Rigetaag the Bearclaw was born in Ivarstead and hunting bears just runs in the family.He is a typical nord.

Some companions have special items!