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Optional texture for the Falmer Ceiling Glow in caves/dungeons.
Added a version with mip-maps.

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This was created to my personal taste.
I tried to get a better coherence between the Falmer Ceiling Glow and the Glowing Mushrooms, typically in the caves.

Because I play at 1080p on an 8 year old PC, a 1K texture (2x the dimensions of vanilla) is sufficient for me. Thus, this is the only and final version.

I do not use ENB, so I have no idea what the result will be.

Also on the SE website:

I share this with the Skyrim community. Not to be used for financial gain, whatsoever. You may use it otherwise as you wish.

Thanks to Bethesda for this life-invading game, and to Nexus & community for completing the invasion. Couldn't have done it without you!