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Witcher mod covering all aspects of witcher lore ,with Races, monsters, armours, weapons, signs, potions, books

Permissions and credits
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Its Been A long time since I created this mod, but from memory I will re create the description I wrongly  deleted.

This Mod adds Lots of content  from the witcher 2 and some from the 1st witcher game.
Drowner, Drowned Dead, Nekker Warrior, Nekkers, Golems, Striga , 2 Wraith, Draugir, Rotfiend
 Main Characters npc's .
Triss Merigold, Geralt, Iorweth,
All Geralts Armour sets.
All witcher Swords
Witcher potions.
 Sorcerer costumes
Iorweth bow
Learn  Witcher Signs from reading the custom books , Witcher Lore Book, Witcher Bestiary book, 

 I Placed A witcher contract Notice board outside some taverns for other creators add contracts them to.
And I placed some of the book in stores and placed monsters in areas You might expect to find them. 
EG: Drowners/drowned Dead/ in lakes and rivers/ Nekkers in the woods,

I was a Huge witcher fan before playing skyrim and even more so after the Witcher 3.
All content was  extracted and converted and individually  rigged by me over the course of a year or more, in my free time.
I eventually spent more time modding skyrim than playing it and actually never finished the game :(
Its been a long time since I created this mod  and I have forgotten most of what I did, so If I missed something please remind me and I will update the description.
This is the Only Mod I have ever created, It was a huge learning experience for me, as I was able to teach myself how to skin and rig game assets and characters Understand uvs and texture mapping, and taught me 3dsmax, and then creating models from scratch, Which soon escalated in to me also learning MAYA, SUBSTANCE PAINTER, Zbrush, & Unreal Engine.

This Mod is Not in active development anymore and I can not help anyone with any issues they may encounter.
I was really excited with ABOUT VR and bought a DK2  as soon as they were available.  VR blew my mind so much that it awakened something inside me.
I started to think more and more about creating games rather than modding them directly. So I moved On to learning UE4 & developing my own content for the VR and traditional projects I have in My mind. and hope to one day be a successful Indie game developer.

If you want permission to use this mod, Permission is granted as long as I am also credited for my work.

You can Donate here to help me buy computer upgrades

If you enjoyed this mod and respect the amount of time I put in to creating the best skyrim witcher mod there is, and would like to say thank you.
A donation to myself is the best way to do that.
either donate directly, get in touch or wait for me to set up a subscribestar account.
Thank you.