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A series of patches allowing the dagi-raht race to work with Imperious, Sacrosanct, or Hunterborn.

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SE Version Here

The Imperious patch changes the name of the dagi-raht to, "Ohmes-Raht" considering that the depiction of the dagi-raht in "Elder Scrolls: Legends" does not closely resemble the appearance of the dagi-raht race. What's more, the description of the ohmes-raht breed of khajiit is that of an ohmes but with a layer of fur. As ohmes were the humanoid variant present in Daggerfall, it stands to reason that the dagi-raht race more closely resembles the ohmes-raht. What's more, it also changes their  +15 illusion to +10 speech both to bring their skills in line with the  Imperious totals as well as to reflect their status as diplomats, akin  to the role of the ohmes. Finally, it grants the khajiit racial powers  and racial quest to them in place of the dagi-raht powers.

The Sacrosanct patch allows the dagi-raht race to be recognized by Sacrosanct as Khajiit, and have them acquire the "Misfortune" power accordingly.

The Hunterborn patch allows the dagi-raht to be recognized as a race with claws by Hunterborn.

All patches touch upon separate mods, and as such are safe to merge.

All patches require the Dagi-Raht Race found here

Which itself requires RaceCompatibility found here

Imperious is found here

Sacrosanct is found here

Hunterborn is found here