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Adds a standalone Dark Elf mage follower to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude

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Adds Azula Indoril—a young, but gifted storm mage of the House Indoril—as a recruit-able and marriageable follower to the game. She can be found in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude.
She is rather powerful, and was born with an abnormally deep magicka pool. In battle, she will use storm spells (Shock Rune, Lightning Cloak, her own versions of Thunderbolt)—and if given one, will also readily use one-handed weapons.

Azula also has relevant and useful perks—making her storm spells hit hard and raising her resistance to magic, as well as making her excellent in the use of swords, light armor, and at sneaking (her movement and spellcasting is muffled, and she will not trigger pressure plates).

・Azula uses a standalone UNP body (Nevernude) and custom textures—an edited mashup/mire of textures (that I've all but lost track of this point) that I edited together using GIMP and DXT1BMP.
・Her facepaint is custom as well, hand-drawn (and based partly on Amaterasu's design from the game Ōkami).
・She is marriageable, essential, uses the ‘Female Young Eager’ voiceset, and will 1:1 level scale with the player.
RaceMenu」 byexpired6798
Enhanced Character Edit」 by tktk1
Dimonized UNP Body」bydimon99
UNP Nevernude」by Elianora
KS Hairdos Renewal」by Kalilies
Salt and Wind」by jasperthegnome
FlansEyes for Skyrim」 by dustinflan
「Standalone Follower Tutorial & Starter ESP」by Skyla

・Creation Kit
・GIMP 2.6
・Niftools (Nifskope & Nifmerge)
・DXT1 BMP Manipulator

Shoutouts to Avatar: The Last Airbender — I always thought the name and lightning power would fit a Dunmer
Also, no—the armors aren't included.