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Remodels the Morag Tong armor of the Dragonborn DLC to resemble Morrowind's concept arts.

Permissions and credits
I did a small Dark Brotherhood replacer, so now here is the Morag Tong armor replacement !

Endorced by Taros Dal himself ! 
Go watch these videos !! They are hilarious !

I've never been quite satisfied with how the vanilla Morag Tong armor turned out to be, as it looked almost nothing like Morrowind's awesome concept arts, so I decided to try and make my wish a reality !

You'll find the armor during a certain mission of the Dragonborn DLC. Please note that it actually replaces fully the existing Morag Tong armor set, so any mod adding more Morag Tong assassins will be wearing my version of the armor ( for exemple : Legacy Of the Dragonborn adds a few Morag Tong assassins, all of them will be wearing this armor ).

( Please note that this is in NO WAY the awesome-looking Skywind version of the armor ).

Known problems and issue :
Minor clipping with the bottom robes.

Regarding SSE :
I can't port anything to SSE :/
If someone wants to port it, though, I am giving my permission to do so.