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A lore-friendly replacer (remesh) for Dibella Statue that tries to show Dibella (the Lady) as She should appear.
The mod affects all the Dibella statues, even the ones placed by other mods, and works with most mods affecting the texture of the Dibella statues.

Permissions and credits
This mod modifies the shape of all the Dibella Statues
(large stony one, the small golden one, and jeweled Haelga's one). 

It affects the statues placed by other mods
(as they use the Vanilla file that is modified by this mod). 

It works with the retexture mods of the Dibella statue
(but the ones providing their custom meshes).

Why this mod? ________________________________________________________________________
The Dibellian Cult sacred objects (Statues, Shrine and Amulet) are quite disturbing to me as they are against the Dibella’s Lore (the Divine Dencer, the Lady), the Patron of Arts, Beauty, and Sensual Love. Indeed the statue is rude, the shrine is meaninglessly spiked (it is rather intimidating too), and the amulet is too bulky. Therefore, I will improve those pieces.

The Statue ____________________________________________________________________________
I must say the concept of the Statue to be truly amazing, that’s why it is so appreciated by everybody even if it is that rough. Indeed, the Vanilla statue is actually rough, apparentely produced by an inexpert sculptor, and lacks of many of the Goddness’ features (e.g. beauty, dance, sensual love).
Pointing the same issue, some Nexus Authors gave their touch to the shape of the Statue, according to their taste:
Bella Dibella by AnTiwoMaAgNoT
Sevenbase Dibella statue by Edhildil and moirai 
Stunning Statues of Skyrim by AnTiWoMaAgNoT
Revamped Assets Skyrim by jeclxohko
In the same way I would like to offer my version of the meshes.

What I have done and why _____________________________________________________________
OVERALL SHAPE: I changed the shape of the Statue, strongly improving the whole body of the Lady, and Her face. The legs and the spine are also moved to give an impression of motion, as if She is gently dancing. The gap you can find in the Vanilla Statue, cutting the right leg at the knee, was also fixed, and a number of joints were added to cut the smoothness of the surface where needed. The increase in the vertex count is moderate (from 500 to 1600).

FACE: Her face is inspired to the famous actress Scarlett Johansson, chosen as a fair balance between: sensuality, aesthetic beauty, and magnetic charisma.

POSTURE: Face expression, posture of the head, spine bowed backward, and the stomach bowed inward with the chest fully opened (She is strongly breathing in), should express ecstasy (vaguely recalling the wonderful statue “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1652 AC). In contrast, St. Teresa is falling, ripped by the arrow that pierces her heart, causing both extreme pain and ecstasy, while Dibella is openly and proudly showing her ecstasy, without any shame, as it is perfectly pure.

FLOWER: I also reshaped the 6 petals flower into a bellflower (having 5 spiked petals). This is closer to the one the Lady has in her hands in Oblivion (see HERE, and HERE) as well as in Daggerfall (HERE). I think the large five spiked-petals flower to give a stronger impact, recalling both the striking and overwhelming strength of Beauty, and the audacity needed to follow the Lady. 

Textures ______________________________________________________________________________
This mod works with the Vanilla textures as well as with all the retextures planned to work with the Vanilla meshes.
As the Vanilla statue is heavily ruined (while we can suppose the devotes should maintaining them). I kindly suggest to add to your game the retexture mod you prefer:
Dibella large statue retexture by UraxzChan
Flawless Dibella by saixml <<< THIS IS THE ONE YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES ABOVE
Repaired Statue of Dibella by tolborg

If you are a Mod Author, Texturer, please consider producing an ad hoc texture for this statue as its impact would be greatly improved by tailored textures as you might recognize in the "without texture" images at the end of the image list.

Versions ______________________________________________________________________________
1.2 Complete matching set of statues (and the flower)
1.1 Large statue and flower (Broken Tower Redoubt)
1.0 removed in minutes

Main files _____________________________________________________________________________
True Dibella statue it contains the three statues (large, golden and Haelga's) and the piece of flower. It is the mod you see in the pictures above.
TripTheRift-GreekStyleStatues the same as above in the TripTheRift's Greek style

Optional files _________________________________________________________________________
TriptheriftStatueDibella_LE by Triptherift
It is a Greek-style version of the large stone statue, i.e. with a less extreme posture / a rounder stomach. You can see the in game effect in the last picture of this page.
As requested, I added a Fertility Goddess version of the small golden statue. She has a prominent navel like pregnant women. As a matter of fact She should not have a navel at all, but it was there in the textures and in my opinion it does make the difference for symbolizing pregnancy.

SSE version ___________________________________________________________________________
True beauty for Dibella (statues)

Mods using this Statue ________________________________________________________________
WARNING: according to the Lady, this is not a censored list
The Erotic Adventures of Misty Skye by nerdofprey (reward)

Resources ____________________________________________________________________________
Blender 2.49b

Credits _______________________________________________________________________________
Triptherift for the Greek stile version of the statue
saixml for the Flowless Dibella textures used in most of the images on this page
Bethesda for Skyrim
The Nexus for being here
The Lady for Her blessing