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Overall, Kazumi is an NPC that I'm currently working on as a first mod. I am completely new to modding and I plan on working on her as a mod to help myself improve in order to do more mods in the future.

Permissions and credits

I am very new to modding and Kazumi Oni is the first mod I've ever attempted! I have been receiving help, watching tutorial after tutorial and will be working on solely follower mods until I feel comfortable with expanding out into quest mods. Thank you mfeile1974 so much for the massive help you've given me along with plenty of screenshots to use!

NEW - Some of the major issues were fixed regarding her not being able to become a follower, along with her skin textures, facegen, and hair. Now that these are fixed, I will move on to giving her a unique outfit. This may take a while as I need to gain permissions from the mods owners that I plan on using.

Details: Kazumi Oni is an original character of mine that I want to turn into a quest activating NPC that has the options to become a follower. I have tried my hand at fixing a few things and even tested her out myself in-game. The textures are no longer mismatched for the head and body and actually seem to go well together.

*A bit of lore - Kazumi Oni is a half human - half demon (daedra in this case) that has taken residence in Skyrim after the disbanding of the Blades.


Kazumi is supposed to be a former Blades member and I moved her to be "hiding" behind the Sleeping Giant Inn. She's still kind of in the open, but I figured the location seemed to fit someone who is hiding in wait to follow a new leader.

Edit: She now moves around behind the Sleeping Giant Inn, so if you can't find her, search around Riverwood!

Recommended but possibly not required mods: *I do not know if they are needed for her to work, but just in case!

Kazumi uses the UNP body family so if you use CBBE, just be aware that there may be noticable seams throughout her skin and armor!

- ChrisRichardz Anime Eyes

- KS Hairdos


*All credit goes to the proper makers of the mods used!

Resources used:

- ChrisRichardz Anime Eyes

- KS Hairdos

- UNP Female Body

**Known Fixes:

- Her skin, eyes, and hair are now all working fine!

- Her voice was sometimes going to default: Female Commoner. This has been fixed.

- (Thank you mfeile1974 for helping me!) Follower option now works as it should!

Known issues:

- Kazumi uses the UNP body, so if you have CBBE and notice any seams throughout her skin and body, it may be because they aren't mixing very well. However, she should still work just fine as a follower.

- I'm not too sure if you need to kill her in order to see what she has equiped, but she's supposed to drop the Blades Armor and an Akaviri Katana. None of her armor is modded armor (yet). If you are low in level or don't have any god-tier weapons, do NOT attack her. She may be able to do a decent amount of damange to anyone below level 10.

- Her sword is on her hip, but she draws it from her back. I'm not entirely too sure how to fix this...

Previous Issues:

- Skin was not matching for the head and body.

- Voice would default back to Female Commoner.

- Hair and eyes would default back to Female Nord and Brown Eyes.

- Hair was extremely transparent

- Was not able to gain her as a follower

**If you happen to come across ANY other issues regarding my mod, please notify me and I'll do what I can to sort it out!


Again, I plan on working on her until I feel that she's complete and have everything actually straightened out with the mods I used while creating her. Don't get me wrong, she should still work in Vanilla Skyrim, but she most likely won't have much of her features (though they need to be fixed anyway...).

Also, if you are the creator of some of these mods and require permission, please pm me and I'll cease progress on my character. I don't plan on making any profit, but please do inform me on your permissions.

All credit goes to those who created the mods used in making Kazumi Oni.