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A non perk version of my other chronomancy mod.

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"He who forces time is pushed back by time;  he who yields to time finds time on his side."  - {The Talmud}

Unearthed Arcana - Chronomancy REBUILT V-2.0

Added Spells

Time Stop: Use magicka to bring the neverending flow of time to a halt.

Time Ward: Form a shield out of congealed temporal energy, blocking all spell damage.

Temporal Sight: Gaze into time and see nearby creatures but not the undead, dremora, or dwemer machines.

Quantum Weaving: Weave temporal energy into your armor making it extremely resilient.

Temporal Healing: Rewind time around your body, undoing all damage you have taken.

Temporal Healing (Other): Rewind time around a person (or creatures) body healing all damage they have taken.

Singularity Blast: Unleash the power of a singularity directly in front of you.

Stasis: Encase a target in a shell of hardened temporal energy.

Slow Time: Use magicka to slow down time.

Timeline Steal: Link a targets timeline to the Gem of Infinity, stealing it upon their death. (it still works the same as a standard soul trap spell).

Reconfigure Magicka: Reconfigure your magicka through a still unknown Chronomantic process, increasing the speed at which it regenerates. (Changed the in game description so it now matches the one you see here).

Pocket Dimension: Open a time portal and teleport to your pocket dimension. You can leave this place by using any teleport spell. (I changed the appearance of the pocket plane).

Flash-Forward: Use magicka to accelerate the flow of time. WARNING! USE THIS IN AN AREA WITHOUT NPC's AND OBJECTS THAT CAN HAVOK (AKA MOVE).

Summon Clockwork Guardian: Reach into the past and summon an ancient Dwemer Clockwork Guardian (sustained by temporal energy).

Time Portal Spells take you to all the nine holds, Castle Volkihar &Dawnguard, Solstheim, Blackreach, and the Tower of Mzark.

Summon Temporal Bow/Blade/Dagger/Battleaxe: Summon spells that let you summon weapons made of pure temporal energy that do TONS of damage. P.S. I changed the appearance of the bound weapons, they look like the regular bound weapons now.

Assume Temporal Form: Change your body into pure temporal energy, becoming invulnerable. Attacking, using spells, and activating things (Doors etc.) cancels the effect. (This lesser power falls under the Alteration school even though it is a power, like the time stop lesser power, etc.) This can only be used once a day. (Cause your character needs to rest after changing the entire atomic structure of his or her body).

Temporal Aging: Use temporal energy to accelerate the aging process of a target, turning them to ash. (IT WORKS FINALLY!) This spell ages pretty much everything killable in the game. If you want to kill Essential NPC's (For whatever game breaking reason) then get SkyTweak and go into the INI section in SkyTweaks MCM menu and look for the option and uncheck it.

The chest can be found in the Midden Dark.

KNOWN BUGS: Killmove Bug. Basically this bug is the one you encounter when your character preforms a killmove while time is stopped or slowed. This bug causes the time stop or slow effect to end while also causing the player character to move at an extremely fast rate. To fix this (with my mod anyway) go into the spell menu select the End Time Control power and use it. This will fix the bug. To avoid this bug alltogether disable any killmove mods you may be using, such as Violens.


-I upped the cost of the spells. Time Stop costs 1800 magicka, Slow Time and Flash Forward cost 1400 magicka, and the rest of the spells cost 400 magicka.

-Added Chronoweave Robes, Gloves, and Boots. Some characters may tell you to put some clothes on. Sadly I do not know how to fix this.

-Added supply chests to the Pocket Dimension. They do not respawn so you can put your stuff in it.

-Added a reusable soul gem called the "Gem of Infinity". It's in the chest with the spells.

-I changed the appearance of the teleport spells.

-I changed the teleport spell icon in the spell list. Now they all have that MagicHatMarker icon (the bright glowey one that the time stop. slow time, and end time control powers have).

-I changed the appearance of the Summon Clockwork Guardian Spell. I also gave the guardian more health. (It is a powerful Dwemer construct summoned from the golden age of their empire after all.)

-I bumpped the Time Ward spells magnitude up to 8,000.

-I added some teleport spells that take you to places like the Blue Palace (exterior), Dragonsreach, etc. I didn't do this for some locations (for example Winterhold or Windhelm) since the "palace" and/or seat of government is within walking distance.

-I added Chronosteel Gauntlets, Boots, and Cuirass along with a Chronoweave Hood. They can be found in the same chest as the scrolls. P.S. Chronosteel is metal that has been imbued with massive amounts of temporal energy. This makes it extremely durable and resilient. The same goes for Chronoweave (which is cloth that has been imbued with massive amounts of temporal energy.) This was an idea I had in a chronomancy mod I made for Oblivion (a mod that never got released for a number of reasons, the main one being that I didn't know how to upload a mod for Oblivion to Nexus at the time). So I figured I'd put it into this mod.

-You no longer have to have the Master Alteration perk OR have a hundred in each of the schools these spells fall under. I removed these requirements in an attempt to cancel out the effect the perk trees have on my spells (making them last longer etc.) but, unfortunately, the perk trees still affect my spells (At least the bound weapon and summon spells anyway). And no I cannot set the spells magic school to none, cause they won't show up in the spell menu.
-Changed the Temporal Healing spell back to a spell rather than a Lesser Power.



First, delete any old versions of my mod you might have on your computer. The ESP and BSA (trust me its easy and painless).

Second, download and install the most current version of my mod (in this case Unearthed Arcana - Chronomancy REBUILT V-2.0).

Third, start your game (you can keep and play your saves even if they use an older version of my mod) just load your save and go to the chest in the Midden Dark to get the new spells. You don't have to delete saves cause I don't have tons of advanced scripts that make changes to the base game in the mod.