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Adds a new staff to Skyrim which turns sour people sweet.

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Many years ago, there was a mysterious man known as the Confectioner. Over the years, he
created the most exquisite sweets in all of Tamriel until, one day, he
simply vanished without a trace. With no record of his true identity,
his secrets seemed to have been taken to his grave... or have they?

Follow the clues to find the lost Staff of the Confectioner and claim it for your own!


Confectioner adds a new, unique staff which turns sour people sweet! Because we
believe in maintaining some semblance of immersion, we won't simply give
you the staff; there is a short quest to find it, along with plenty of
accompanying lore.


NOTE: If you're impatient, or just don't want to waste too much time figuring out where the quest
starts, there's a hint in a forum post!


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