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Adds the Dragonborn goldpiles to more than the two locations in vanilla, immersively in places where you expect to find more than some old boots and a shield and placed in fair and balanced amounts.

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Requires Skyrim Legendary edition version or higher and the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.

In Skyrim, the only two questions worth asking are "where's the treasure" and "where's the food". Which is basically the same question. And for some reason the answer is "that one dungeon in Dragonborn". The goldpiles from Dragonborn weren't added to other dungeons, which attempt to excite you by placing 15 septims around one sodding leveled chest. Where's the treasure?

This mod adds goldpiles to over 100 locations, up from the two vanilla locations. I added them in places where you expect to find some real treasure, at the end of massive dungeons, next to corpses near otherwise weak leveled chests (who is dying for all these low-level armor items??), in the homes of dirty rich people (Maven), spilling out of containers and chests, in treasure vaults, etc. I did not add them to places I knew were significantly overhauled by multiple mods (Blue Palace/Palace of Kings) to avoid compatibility issues.

The gold piles give 99 gold when activated, and are present in amounts of 1-5 piles based on the location, perceived richness of the owner, and grandness of the dungeon, because I am unwowed by getting some leveled boots and shield at every boss chest. I am a simple person and I want to see some shinies after trawling a dungeon for two hours.

Dawnguard and Dragonborn dungeons included.

Load before lighting mods in your load order!