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About this mod

Ancient Spells is a project to bring back balanced old spells from Morrowind and Oblivion expanding the available spells on Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

This mod will no longer be updated, BUT work continues in Ancient Spells 2, please switch to the new version


List of spells added:

Currently The mod adds 50+ new spells to skyrim, from all magic trees, the goal of this mod is to add the majority of the unique spells from Morrowind and Oblivion equally, due to mechanic changes on gameplay some effects have been altered but they remain as balanced as possible.

Besides the novice spells which are available in Riverwood Trader the rest can be purchased from the Khajiit Traders, Khajiit Traders traveling between Whiterun and Markarth carry Novice and Apprentice spells from all trees, Khajiit Traders traveling between Whiterun and Markarth carry Novice and Apprentice spells from all trees, traders traveling between Riften and Dawnstar carry Adept and Expert spells, traders traveling between Windhelm and Solitude carry the Master spells.

The mod has been tested with several other mods including Midas Magic with no issues, if you notice any problem or balance issue please leave a comment and i will look into it Asap.

Current Version 2.0

List of spells added:

Ancient Spells 2

*** Conjuration ***

** Novice **

Conjure Skeleton Guardian

** Apprentice **

Conjure Ghost
Conjure Skeleton Archer
Conjure Skeleton Champion

** Adept **

Conjure Dwarven sphere
Conjure Giant Spider

** Expert **

Conjure Corrupted Shade
Mass Soul Trap

** Master **

Conjure Golden Saint

*** Destruction ***

** Novice **

** Apprentice **


** Adept **

Greater Fireball
Poison Cloud

** Expert **

Enemies Explode

** Master **

Finger of the Mountain
Flame Tempest
Ice Blast

*** Alteration ***

** Novice **

** Apprentice **

Ease Burden
Sea Stride
Open Easy Lock

** Adept **

Open Average Lock

** Expert **

Pack Mule (feather 150 300 secs)
Open Hard Lock

** Master **

Water blessing (WW 300 secs)
Beast of Burden
Open Very Hard Lock


*** Illusion ***

** Novice **

Command creature (up to lvl 4 30 secs)
Command humanoid (up to lvl 4 30 secs)
Eyes of eventide (night eye 150 secs)

** Apprentice **

** Adept **

Dominate creature (up to lvl 8 30 secs)
Dominate Humanoid
Eyes of midnight
Shadow Shape (invisibility on self for 30 s)
Shadow Curse (invisibility on target for 30 s)

** Expert **

Greater Dominate Creature (up to lvl 12 30 secs)
Greater Command Humanoid (up to lvl 12 30 secs)
Void Gazer

** Master **

Concealment (invs 90 secs)
Conceal Other
Kud-Ei Legacy (master control humanoid)


*** Restoration ***

** Novice **

** Apprentice **

Turn of the Wheel (fortify health and magicka 20 for 30 secs)

** Adept **

Orc Strenght
Zenithar's Gospel

** Expert **


*** Installation ***

- Unzip in your Skyrim/Data folder
- At the load screen, select datafiles
- Check Ancient Spells.esp (checked by default most of the time)
- Play!

*** Update ***

- Go in game and unequip the Ancient Spells 1 spells and save.
- Delete your old Ancient Spells.esp in Skyrim/Data folder.
- Put Ancient Spells 2 zip contents in your Data folder and make sure is active on the Skyrim launcher.
- Play!

*** Uninstall ***

- Unequip any mod spells.
- Save the game to a new file
- Uninstall the mod and load your game normally.

Compatibility issues:

So far no issues have been discovered.

Version History:

Version 2.00

- Complete rework of all spells
- Deleted no longer compatible spells that might be added in the future
- Added new spells

Version 1.10

- Added Ancient Spells.bsa file
- Added Mark and Recall ** spell and scrolls (scrolls can be purchased in Whiterun)
- Added Open Lock on Target Spells (Easy, Average, Hard and Very Hard)

!Warning! Mark and Recall spells are fine to use but make sure you arent in the midle of a forced quest, this might damage your quest progression, use with caution!

Version 1.04

- Added some fixes and new spells:

- Spectral Arrow (This one is from Skyrim but was never implemented, implemented and moved it to the illusion tree since it makes more sense there than in conjuration)
- Vigor (in Skyrim it makes you move faster)
- Mass Soultrap
- Daylight
- Shockbloom
- And 3 more spells

Version 1.03

- Fixed a bug where a vendor would not sell a leveled spells.
- Added 2 Adept alteration spells.

- Icarian Flight **
- Slowfall

You can find a scroll of Icarian Flight on the floor in Riverwood and you can purchase a scroll of slowfall in riverwood, the books are available on the respective leveled sellers.

** Due to the nature of the game engine and like it happened in Oblivion when using this spell you will be able to go through obstacles (no collition data) and is possible to rarely get inside a dungeon so save before using, if you go inside a dungeon while flying try to use slowfall spell or the console (player.setposition Z valuehere) to reset your character, you should save before using the spell to avoid any unwanted outcomes.
!Warning! Some jumps will make your character go across huge distances, the game might crash if your computer can´t handle the fast zone changes.

Version 1.02

- Fixed some spells not giving the proper ammount of skill experience, thanks to Heimdall2020 for reporting this bug.

Version 1.01

- Added the first 40+ spells to leveled spell merchants, balanced all effects.

Thats all, please enjoy the mod, this mod is an ongoing project and will be updated but in a way so no save files are render unusable.