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Balances the movement speed values for the player and NPCs, bringing a more realistic feel to the game. Also balances the "Ranger" perk in Archery.

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The goal of the mod
The idea with this mod was to balance the movement speed values of the Player and NPCs. You'll no longer be walking as slow as a mudcrab but you will also not run or sprint like a panther either. Another very big change is the nerf to the "Ranger" perk. The perk was clearly extremely powerful and is very playstyle defining. But, it caused issues in the early game for overhauls such as Requiem, where enemy bandits could potentially have this perk and be near impossible to defeat without "cheesing".
Early game archery has also been improved thanks to a buff to the movement speed while having a drawn bow.

The mod should have almost no compatibility issues whatsoever. Load order shouldn't really matter but Requiem players should load the mod before Requiem.