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Save game/racemenu preset of a male Redguard character.

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Please forgive my english, not my first language. Please forgive my terrible graphics, I'm on a toaster. I did the best I can.

As I like to call him, "Honey-Fingers" (yeah, I know it's a lame name, don't worry) is a Redguard character I made recently and would like to share. He's almost default (very generic as well) but I think if you want something a bit different than the vanilla presets to work on and customize I think it's good start. I don't really understand the first thing about modding but I thought someone may be interested in a male Redguard preset so I decided to share.

There's the save version created using "coc whiterun" command and the racemenu present.  About his neck, I don't know how to fix it, I just put on a necklace. You are absolutely free to do whatever you want with the preset/save game no need to ask permission or anything.

Here's the mods that you will need for him to look like in the screenshot):
- High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox (smooth version)
- The Eyes of Beauty
- RaceMenu (if you are going to use the present)

Some extra stuff:
- Hairier male texture (body texture I'm using)
- Barbarian Thief (armor he's using)