Brown Bear Tedd - Bear Companion by sandmankim
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Added: 12/02/2012 - 09:47AM
Updated: 14/02/2012 - 07:25AM

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Last updated at 7:25, 14 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 9:47, 12 Feb 2012

Version 2 Released! Changelogs -

-Increased the distance of the bear when he follows you around.
-Added some dialogues so that you can talk to Tedd which means you can now talk to Tedd.
-Decreased it's health because of it being over powered. It's health and stats will go up by little everytime you level up.
-Decreased the size of the bear to 0.95 from 1.0 to give it the feeling that this is youngling.
-This bear has better blocking.
-This bear cannot die anymore, unlike in version 1, he could be killed.
-Could have another companion while having this companion mod. Total of 2 companions.

=The source code in this mod is free for everyone to use. Just remember to credit me=

You might be able to talk to some black bears in the forest. Weird but still, it's interesting. They won't tell you a story like those greybeards but they'll say something like "Hey" or nothing at all.

Larry and Tedd - Twin Bear Companion has been released !

Since Creation Kit came out, i've been messing with a lot of stuff getting to know them. One day, i thought of an idea, " Hey why don't i make a bear companion!"

After messing around with this and that, i've made a bear companion that will follow you and fight for you. When you download it and run it, just stand in one spot and press "T" to wait for an hour or so and he will pop up right beside you.

This bear does not have any dialogues. He will just fight for you and travel along side you.

Maybe one day, i will make the bear companion into some sort of a horse so you can ride your bear companion. That'll be the day...

If enough people complain about the bear's distance, i will fix it and upload a new version that increases the bear's distance from the player. I just made them come closer because.. you know, who doesn't want a bear along side them when walking across Skyrim

Any bugs should be reported here in the discussions tab so that i could "try" to fix it. Yes i said "try" because the creation kit is new and i barely know all of the possibilities.

Remember to endorse or i'll just be slaving over this mod making business without any reason to make it in the first place if no one likes it >:I . Just kiddin, i just want you guys to enjoy mods i make even if they suck.