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A fully standalone custom follower using the SALTY open-source voice set by the awesome Kikiapplus. She comes with location-aware comments, her own follower system, a unique custom outfit, and (for reasons best known to herself) a strong dislike of Jarl Elisif.

Permissions and credits

Sahra is a young pirate lass who has recently had a bit of bad luck. She's got a journal in her inventory if you're curious, but let's just say it involved a one-eyed pirate captain, an iceberg, and lots of rum. After that little fiasco, she is currently chilling (...literally...) at the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar, desperate to find someone who would help her brave the frozen wilds of Skyrim. If you recruit her, she'll follow you anywhere, probably making some rude comments along the way.

Hey, they don't exactly teach you charm in pirate school.

For Sahra in Skyrim SE, click here.

Watch a video review here, thanks a million to Chaos_Hellfire/Ikari! (The Sahra part starts at 4:39.)


  • A custom voice set with well over a hundred location-aware comments. Talk to her while in town, out exploring, or relaxing at an inn - she might have something new to say! Her voice set is an open-source asset by Kikiapplus - see link in the Credits section.
  • Her own follower system. She ignores your friendly fire and doesn't count against the follower limit, so you can have her tag along with any other followers you might be using. If you tell her to wait, she will stay put indefinitely.
  • A custom outfit, based on meshes and textures listed in the Credits section, recoloured by me. All pieces of the outfit can be tempered and enchanted. If you want to change her outfit, use a follower management mod like Amazing Follower Tweaks.
  • A pair of scimitars, very slightly better than vanilla. You can temper and enchant them, too.
  • A teleport spell to bring her back if she gets lost. To acquire the spell, look for the "Call Sahra" spell book in Sahra's inventory.


Dawnstar, Windpeak Inn

Other notes

Sahra uses the CBBE Curvy body and Fair Skin Complexion textures. Her outfit is technically playable, but will use Sahra's body and textures, so your player character might get a neck seam and/or gap.

Her fighting style is Forsworn Berserker, so she defaults to dual-wielding in combat.

She has the Light Foot and Dual Flurry (rank 1) perks.

She levels with the player and has no min or max level limit.

At the moment, her voice set has no marriage-related lines, so she is not marriable. Kikiapplus mentioned possibly making a marriage add-on in the future, though, so hopefully I'll be able to make Sahra a marriage prospect one day!


Install with a mod manager:

  1. Download and install the main file.
  2. Optional: Download and install one of the optional files containing optimized textures. By default, Sahra's outfit uses 4k textures, which may be too large for some users. Skybroom provided two sets of optimized textures, 1k and 2k. Install one of them if you want better performance.

If you want to install manually, unpack to Data folder as usual.


Uninstall with a mod manager.

If you want to uninstall manually, remove all files and folders that came with this mod.

Compatibility notes

Compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks and My Home is Your Home.

If you find any incompatibilities, let me know!


1.11, 2018-06-14 - Optional texture sets.
1.1, 2018-05-21 - Bug fix release
1.0, 2018-05-15 - Initial release.

Credits - assets

Kikiapplus for the SALTY voice set from Custom Voice Resource - CVR
Jmenaru, mrdave and zzjay for the hat and scarf from zzjay's wardrobe
BBDrac for the outfit, boots and gloves from Nereid Pirate - CBBEv3 Curvy
Skybroom for optimizing the textures from Nereid Pirate
Caliente for the CBBE Curvy body from Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
Kalilies and Stealthic for the AngelBeats hair from KS Hairdos - Renewal
HHaleyy for various textures from Fair Skin Complexion
Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam for eye textures from The Eyes Of Beauty

Credits - tutorials

Without these excellent tutorials and tips, I would've been lost.

General instructions on adding a vanilla-voiced follower

Make a follower with a face you made in RaceMenu
Make your RaceMenu follower standalone (video tutorial)
Make a custom framework for your follower
Add custom voice
Make a summoning spell for your follower

Credits - screenshots

I used the following mods for my screenshots:

Pirates of Skyrim - The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag
- THE mod to have if you want a pirate-themed playthrough
Pirates of The North - Also a fun addition to pirate gameplay, compatible with Pirates of Skyrim
The Oasis - Tropical Playerhome - What's a pirate without a tropical island hideaway?
Newmiller's Pareo outfit - Sadly not available on the Nexus any more
Face Light - For better face lighting
Lively Lovely Screenie - Facial Expression With Lip Sync - Facial expression mod
Kinoko Pose - Poser mod
Arsenic Pose - Poser mod

If there's anything I missed, let me know!

Credits - other

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
LHammonds for the Readme Generator

Tools used

BSA Unpacker
Creation Kit
NPC Nif Merge
Readme Generator


You can do whatever you want with this mod as long as it stays free and on the Nexus. Some assets I used were shared by their authors on the condition that they are never uploaded to other websites or used in paywalled mods.

All voice, mesh and texture assets in this mod were made by other people. If you want to use the files I modified, that's fine with me, but please make sure to credit the original authors. Credit me as well if you want, that would be nice!

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