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This armor was originally created by newermind43. I animated it and altered the metal textures. You need to download his mod first, and then overwrite everything with my mod.

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I have never played Elder Scroll Online yet. But I did like the CG films of the game. I would prefer elder scroll 6, still I 'm waiting for it.

Accidentally I found this highelf armor on nexus, amazing and emthusiastic work by Newermind43
And I found the original physics is less perfect. Then I decided to animated it with Skinned Mesh Physics, short for SMP.  It's a chinese skyrim forum, no doubt the Physics framework was programmed by a chinese dude called hydrogensayshdt, he is also the author of HDT physics extension.If you know chinese language, I suggest you download it through here

Looks like smp won't be posted here on nexus. So you can either choose the chinese site or download it through another post "yundao_hdt_hair", find SMP PE from mainfiles section.

Follow the Requirement: 
1.HDT-pe by hydrogensayshdt. you need to install it first. Because the breasts are still animated with HDT-PE. If you already have it. just ignore this.
2. Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP) by hydrogensayshdt. It's chinese site. you can also download it through another post "yundao_hdt_hair", find SMP PE        from mainfiles section.
    "smp pe" is the result of intalling both HDT-PE and SMP. Once you choose it, you have no need to install HDT-PE anymore. 
3. You need to download  newermind43 mod first, download two main files, and then overwrite everything with my mod.
4. make sure Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (or newer) Redistributable X86 available on your PC.

By the way I also changed the metal textures. Hope you like it.

And last but not least, Bethesda.