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Adds a little scavenger hunt to restore the legendary Infinity Gauntlet, an artifact which have the power to destroy universes with a snap of the fingers.
Inspired by Marvel's Infinity War.

Permissions and credits
The DLCs are required for this mod to work.

At the dawn of the Universe, 6 gems were created along with the Universe.
The 6 Stones were used, lost, misplaced, hidden and exploited by multiple ill-intended being throughout History.
At the dawn of a new crisis, the stones have awaken again, and are waiting to be found so that the balance can be restored.

Inspired by Avengers : Infinity War, this mod adds a tiny adventure to find the 6 Infinity Gems and eventually restore the Infinity Gauntlet, an artifact of great power capable of anything the user thinks.

Disclaimer :
This mod can be considered a work in progress... You can consider this a fully fledged beta... If anyone with more modding skills than me is willing to help me out or even restart the mod from scratch using these assets, they have my blessing. The only thing that I demand is crediting the original authors. Thank you for your comprehension.

I am working on an OP version with more, bigger, better powers though ! So be patient. 
You'll be a God... eventually.
The gems and their powers are as follows :

The Power Stone : Can be used to forge a very powerful hammer with magical properties. When mounted on the Gauntlet, grants 3 Unique spells :
Power Stone - Raw Power which is basically a scaled-up Lighting Storm spell
Power Stone - Fireball which is similar to Alduin's fireball shout, only stronger
Power Stone -  Shatter Star calls upon a meteor to strike your target

The Reality Stone : Useless when found, it may be mounted on a staff to be used much like Wabbajack, with almost limitless charge.
When mounted on the gauntlet, it adds the staff's spell to the player. It also gives a spell to the player which works just like Alduin's fire rain spell.

The Mind Stone : Inside a very special staff, the mind stone is used to manipulate other people's spirits. Works similar as the " Bend Will " shout from Dragonborn.
When mounted on the gauntlet, it grants the staff's spell to the player and a spell to lift and throw people and creatures around ( Yes. The Mind Stone has this power ).

The Soul Stone : Mounted on a ring, it grants 50% resistance to Ice, Fire and Shock ; 100 points and 50% regen to Magicka, Health and Stamina ; and 100 armor points.
When mounted on the Gauntlet, it gives the player two spells : Soul Tear, which functions exactly like the shout and " Raise Thralls " which works just like the Ritual Doom Stone but with stronger and longer effects.

The Space Stone : not really useful when find, it too can be mounted on a staff to summon a small team of falmer minion to fight for you.

The Time Stone : The Eye of Agamoto can be used to slow down time, much like the " Slow Time " shout, without the downsides.
When mounted on the gauntlet, it also gives the player a AoE paralyzing spell.

BONUS : With the completed Infinity Gauntlet, you can snap your fingers to severally damage ( if not kill ) every single entity around you. If they die, they will be turned into dust.

The Scavenger hunt begins at Shalidor's Labyrinth. Come prepared for a good fight ! You'll probably find a journal and your first Infinity Stone there.
The journal contains everything you need to know about the mod. So have fun !


Can you add X spell to one of the stones ?
- Maybe. If it's reasonable enough, I can try to add a spell of two, or even a new effect.

There is a invisible area above my right hand when I equip the gauntlet !
- Should be fixed as of version 2

Something is written in french !
- Sorry :/ I looked up in the Creation Kit if anything was still in french, but I may have left a few things out :/

After an update, I don't get the new powers !
- Put the gauntlet or any Infinity Stone in a chest. Save. Exit the game. Use Save Tool to clean my mod scripts of your save file. Load your game, pickup the Gauntlet and equip it. It's probably fixed now. Otherwise, just unequip the gauntlet, save, uninstall the mod, load your game and save, re-install the mod and it should be fixed... But you'll either have to pick all the stones again or to console command your Infinity Gauntlet.

Characters added by the mod have gray faces !
- They shouldn't ! Re-installing the mod should fix this.

The armors added by the mod look exactly like vanilla armor sets !
- The 3 armor sets added by the mod ( which I won't spoil ) are MALE ONLY. The Only exception being of course, the Gauntlet and the Ring, both of which are unisex.

Your mod sucks !
- It does, but I try my best to offer a bit of fan service to Marvel fans... DC Fans will have something too, don't worry.

Do you have the permission to use X or X ?
- I probably do, check the credits tab or the bottom of this page if you think I " borrowed " something I shouldn't have. If you think something is off, you can always PM me or comment. I'll either remove or change what shouldn't have been there in the first place.

CREDITS : Permissions were asked or otherwise the assets were stated safe to use

Saerileth and Gamwich for their textures.
T3alrose for the Loki Mod
Nikinoodles for the Cloaks of Skyrim mod
LordBaraban and LordOfWar for the Witcher gauntlet used as an optional file
SoverusBaine for his Dragon's Dogma spell pack

Thank you for downloading and playing this mod ^^ ! [/left]