About this mod

Inspired The Witcher 3 STLM lighting mod. You are going in vibrant fantasy world. Nights are dark and creepy. Days are bright and clear. Made for the latest enb binary.

Permissions and credits
Check this awesome showcase video made by Sinitar Gaming

 Required Mods

Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB =>
Skyrim ENB Particle Patch =>
Skyrim ENB Subsurface Scattering Patch =>
Skyrim ENB Snow FX =>
ENB v0.366 =>

Recommended Mods

Should work with any Water, Cloud, Interior lighting and Texture mods.


-First download required mods
-Install NLA v2.0.You need the only esp file.
-After you download ENB v0.366 Open the rar file and drop only d3d9 and enbhost.exe to your skyrim directory.
-Install other required mods
-Download my enb preset and drop the all files to skyrim directory.
-Open your skyrimprefs.ini
"bFloatPointRenderTarget=" set "1
"bDrawLandShadows=" set "1"
"fShadowBiasScale=" set "1.000"
"bTreesReceiveShadows=" set "1"
 "bShadowsjavascript-event-stripped" set "1"

After that all optional
-Open your skyrim.ini
-Press "Ctrl+f" and search this fLightLODMaxStartFade= after set this setting to "15500.0". If you dont have fLightLODMaxStartFade paste this setting to under display.
-Open your skyrimprefs.ini
-Again press "Ctrl+f" and search and set this settings to "fShadowDistance=" set "12000" "fLightLODStartFade" set "15500
 "fInteriorShadowDistance=" set "3000" "iShadowMapResolution=" set "4096"


Some Advices

-If you have fps problems.Try to disable depth of field  and SSAO effect.These effects are eating to much fps.To do this press "Shift+Enter" there is panel on left you can untick these effects.
-And also you can edit my enb. Like: colors, sharpness, brightness.To do this press "Shift+Enter" move your cursor to right upper panel open the effect.txt or enbeffect.fx and now you can edit these settings to your like.

I really like to see your screenshots guys. Thanks For Downloading